Our Top 10 Free Mobile Game Apps for 2013

Ahmed Zidan, Aug 14 2013

It’s worthwhile to relax after work or study by playing a mobile game, but you really need a good game in order to enjoy your time. So we played a lot, really a lot, to list for you 10 great free mobile games for this year so far. All the games in the list are available for both iOS and Android. And most of them follow the freemium model, as they’re free to download and play; however, in-app purchases accelerate your rise to fame in the game.

Here we go, but beware! Don’t let them get you in the loop!

1 – Real Racing 3 (iOSAndroid)

A powerful social mobile car racing game from EA. Win races and trophies to earn money and gold, which will enable you to change your car’s engine, drivetrain, brakes, tires and wheels; service your car, and eventually buy a new one. In this game, you play against real contestants from around the world, including your Facebook friends, if you sign up. The game introduces Time Shifted Multiplayer technology which records the lap times of the other players in each race, and then when you go online, the game itself recreates those lap times, so that you can compete against their cars with their previously recorded times. The graphics, sound effects and soundtrack are all top quality.

Did you hear about tiny robots or "Ozobots" racing ?

2 – Touch Hokey 2 (iOSAndroid)

A very entertaining air hockey game. You can play against the computer, or against a friend. The game is ideal for tablets, because they leave a physical space for both contestants to sit in front of each other, and have a big screen for both players to control their mallets.

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3 – Temple Run 2 (iOSAndroid)

The second version of the endless running game definitely guarantees the same adrenaline rush, or maybe a little bit better. In 13 days after its release in January, it was downloaded more than 50 million times.

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4 – Run for Peace (iOSAndroid)

Salim has been dreaming of peace since he was three year old, but things unfortunately haven’t been going as he wishes. As a result, he decided to overcome his fears and embark on a journey to spread peace in the Middle East. His mission includes overcoming many obstacles, including taxi cabs, flying water pipes, ditches, boxes of explosives and missiles. While running, he also collects money and bonuses; feeds on flying hummus plates; and lights peace torches in every one of the 10 Arabic countries he runs across. The game is full of Arabic wit, according to the country that you’re in. The soundtrack of the game is a catchy keyboard composition of the folkloric song "Ya Mustafa". Run for Peace is a must-play linear run and jump game from the Lebanese studio Game Cooks.

Here's a similar one where you get to ride a camel on a magic carpet "Harwel Ya Wahesh" .

5 – Captain Oil (iOSAndroid)

Another Game Cooks game, where Captain Oil’s abilities are put to a real test. Try to shoot balls with different angles from your spaceship in order to free the poor trapped Oileys.

6 – Into the Dead (iOSAndroid)

Run as much as you can, and earn weapons and bonuses to escape or kill the zombies. The game scoring is based on how many miles you can run into the dead. The graphics and sound effects are very high quality.

Here's a more arcade zombie killing game where you play Jet Li, Muhammad Ali, and Shaquille O’Neal .

7 – Chicken Invaders (4 HD for iOS3 for Android)

A shoot 'em up game reminds my generation of the arcade classic Space Invaders. In this game, a spaceship tries to defend earth from chicken invasion. Try to avoid the flying firing eggs, while collecting gifts for bonuses.

8 – Poker by Zynga (iOSAndroid)

Get your poker fix without suffering from the agony of losing real money, except if you buy in-app coin and currency packages. The creator of Farmville adds lots of new features to their latest version of the most famous online Texas Hold ‘em Poker game, including jump poker and other cool mini games and features. You can play against real people in real time, but you have to login using your Facebook account, if you want to play against your friends, and save your game progress.

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9 – Death Moto (iOSAndroid)

Tilt to control your motorcycle and accelerate using the nitrogen bonuses. Knocking down other riders will get you helmets to unlock vehicles, but beware of the cars and trucks, or you’ll be gone!

10 – Sheep Run (iOSAndroid)

Drive the frightened sheep as far as you can away from the bloody butcher. Try to jump and run to acquire bonuses and escape your fate, if you want freedom. Sheep Run comes from the Jordanian studio Bee Labs.

Here's another fun running game with Arabic characters; Giddam  is made by Qatar's Girnaas

We wish you have a fantastic time!


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