5 Startups to Watch from STEP’s Startup Basecamp

Lynn Bizri, Apr 07 2017

For the fifth year in a row, Step Conference 2017, which was held on April 5-6, brought together entrepreneurs, investors, and key industry leaders from around the world. With a focus on technology, entrepreneurship, and digital and entertainment sectors, the conference’s agenda featured interactive panel discussions, mentorship and networking opportunities, the STEP Startup Basecamp which showcased startups from across the region, as well as the STEP Startup Pitch Competition where entrepreneurs pitched their ideas to a panel of regional ecosystem leaders and investors. 

From digital solutions and education, to AI and on-demand startups at various stages of funding, this year’s Startup Basecamp featured a variety of digital products and services. Here are 5 of those startups that we at ArabNet thought you should keep an eye out for in the region this year. 

  1. Botler.io

    Botler is the MENA region's first artificial intelligence platform that is focused on redefining customer experience across popular messaging channels. Botler's easy to use software enables businesses of all sizes to introduce automated customer support agents to handle a wide range of tasks and languages across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, web, and apps. Botler has already generated revenue from partnerships with Step Conference, Souq.com, Rocket Internet, and more. They are also backed by a Dubai Government Initiative called in5, recent graduates of the global Startupbootcamp Accelerator and are part of IBM's Global Entrepreneurship Program.

  2. Plotos
    While the region is saturated with online food delivery applications, Plotos is the region’s first wellness platform and healthy food delivery app that is tailored to customers’ dietary needs and aims to address UAE’s growing obesity crisis. Fun and user-friendly, the app gives customers access to 9 different nutritional programs and focuses on a wide range of dietary and lifestyle requirements. In addition, the delivery app enables customers to order from a vast menu of healthy food from Dubai’s top restaurants. Customers can choose from types of cuisines or based on a specific regime, and with quick and easy online payment facilities, order tracking and geo-targeting, eating healthy couldn’t be easier. 


  3. Influencers.ae
    Influencers.ae is an online platform that makes it easy for brands to discover, compare and book influencers from the largest database in the region as well as create authentic social content that connects with the regions’ consumers.  With data driven analytics, brands can browse through hundreds of influencers across several industries, use the personalized search platform with multiple search options to find the perfect fit, and compare and analyze the data of multiple influencers. Brands can then choose how they want the influencer to promote their content or product, and instantly book the influencer of their choice, entirely from the platform. 
  4. Seppo
    Seppo, a learning game platform, is a browser-based solution for integrating gamification into teaching and education and recently, team building and  public events. A new way of learning, Seppo combines experiential, project-based learning and technology utilization in a real-life environment using mobile devices. Using maps of selected areas as a game board, any location can be changed into a learning environment, and game creators need only to create tasks that the players will solve. Last November, Seppo signed a contract with GEMS, the largest global private school company, and were awarded the GESS Education Award in Dubai early last month. 
  5. Instascaler
    Instascaler, which is a traffic-as-a-service platform, has a mission to help small business owners and startups get targeted and high quality visitors to their websites automatically. All users have to do is insert their website’s URL, choose the countries they are targeting customers in and decide on one of the monthly plans depending on their budget. In turn, Instascaler’s patented algorithms analyze the website, find the most relevant and targeted audience online and then send them straight to the user’s website. With the power of AI and machine learning, Instascaler finds the audiences most relevant to a product or service and shows them customized ads. 


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