6 Steps to Improve Your Job Description and Attract the Right Talent

Bayt.com, Contributor, Nov 20 2017

The time has come to fill another vacancy at your organization. However, this time you are determined to ensure the process is shorter, smoother and more effective than the last. There may be a few things you have not previously considered or applied that will make the hiring process easier, including your job descriptions. To assist you, Bayt.com, the Middle East’s #1 job site, has compiled six steps for crafting a highly effective job description.

1. Plan Your Content

If you’ve used job description templates for your previous vacancies, you’ll know that they’re a helpful tool, but you can’t fully recycle them for writing the actual content of your job description. These templates will give you an idea of the different sections of a job description, but won’t tell you how and what you should write in your specific case.

Before putting pen on paper, you’ll need to know all the details about your vacancy, such as the job title, the position in the company (i.e. department, division, etc.), the candidate’s direct report, their daily task, the skill set required to carry out the job effectively, and any other prerequisites (i.e. education level, language proficiency, etc.). Once you have all these items covered and you’re fully aware of all the requirements for the vacancy and you can begin drafting your job description.

2. Create the Headlines

You’ll need to begin writing the headline and confirming it attracts the type of talent necessary for your vacancy. The headline of the vacancy is the first thing a candidate reads when they come across your job announcement. It, therefore, needs to include the most relevant keywords for the position (i.e. Senior Marketing Manager or Junior iOS Developer). You can also include other details in your headline such as the location of the vacancy or the years of experience. This will filter out candidates who don’t live in the same location or don’t have the required experience.

3. Craft the Description

One of the most important practices is to make sure the content of your job description matches the headline. To put things in clearer perspective, sometimes different positions can have similar job descriptions due to overlapping tasks and duties. That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your job description is detailed, comprehensive and relevant to the headline so that there’s no room for misunderstanding from the job seeker side. Otherwise, you’ll likely end up with many irrelevant candidates, which will slow down your hiring process.

4. Ensure Its Attractiveness  

To make the process shorter and easier, a clear and concise job description that includes daily tasks, responsibilities, duties, and the skill set needed is more likely to get the right talent to apply. But that may not be enough. To make sure that your job description is attractive, try to assess the tone it sets and how it would be read from a job seeker's perspective. If you’re intrigued by the headline but are then left bored or overwhelmed when reading through the description, then you’ll need to make a few changes.

Simply put, your job description must be exciting. Writing bullet points with tasks and responsibilities is essential, but can often be tedious. Try writing the tasks, responsibilities, and duties in a day-to-day perspective. Let the candidate know what their day will be like from start to finish. This way, they can picture what a normal working day would be like at your organization. Excite the reader about how their career will progress and how they will become an integral part of the company.  

5. Add Benefits and Company Overview

In addition to the important duties and tasks the candidate will be responsible for, they must know what they’ll be getting in return. One way to achieve this is to include benefits that are offered by the position. This can include health insurance, housing, transportation, bonuses, incentives, etc. Another essential step is to talk about your company. Let the candidates know the industry your business operates in, your mission, vision, and values, and educate them about your company’s history. By giving them a summary of your organization, they’ll be better prepared when applying because they’ll know the type of environment they’ll be getting into.

6. Decide How to Announce the Vacancy

After figuring out what needs to go in your job description, you’ll need to decide on how you’re going to announce your vacancy to potential candidates. For an effective and cost-efficient process, put technology to use! Through job sites like Bayt.com, you can post your jobs and make them available to nearly 30 million potential candidates. Bayt.com also offers several filtration tools so that when you only receive relevant CVs, which will greatly reduce the time it takes you to announce the vacancy, shortlist, and screen candidates.




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