About Us

Founded in 2009, the vision of ArabNet is to help grow the web and mobile sectors in the Arab world through its activities. It also aims to build business bridges across the MENA, stimulate the growth of the Arab digital knowledge economy, and support the creation of new businesses and job opportunities for aspiring youth.

Our conferences, held in Dubai, Riyadh and Beirut, are widely recognized as the largest digital gatherings in the MENA region, with a track record of bringing globally-renowned speakers to discuss the latest topics in the field, as well as successfully connecting entrepreneurs and startups with funding and incubation through the Ideathon and Startup Demo competitions. We also organize workshops and hackathons to help designers and developers build their skills and launch their innovations. Other than hosting our own events we offer white label event services that are your one-stop-shop to create the best experience around your brand.

The ArabNet website, is a leading reference for digital businesses in the Middle-East, featuring news, analysis, expert advice, interviews, and a vibrant community of startups, developers and entrepreneurs. It also features our Startup Database which is the most comprehensive data registry for digital startups in the MENA to date, including more than 1000 registered startups from 19 countries. Our magazine, also known as, The ‘ArabNet Quarterly’ is the first print release for growing digital enterprises and leading companies with insights and special stories covering the latest e-business, technology, media and entrepreneurship news in the

Our Business Intelligence services bring you tailor-made business matching events to meet your business objectives. We are also producing in-depth annual industry reports that give executives insights and valuable statistics.

For more, send us an email at info@arabnet.me

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