Agrytech Hackathon is Drawing Near!

Nadine Kahaleh , Mar 21 2017

Mark your calendars -- March 31st will highlight the kick-off of the first Agrytech Hackathon in Lebanon. 

The Hackathon makes part of the Agrytech program – an initiative jointly funded by the Kingdom of The Netherlands and Berytech; the program’s calling is to support startups bearing disruptive ideas in the Agri-Food sector – financially and technically.

The event is supported by strategic sponsors Unifert, SE Factory, CNC Labs Lebanon, and National Instruments Lebanon; it’s also organized in partnership with UNICEF, IEEE Lebanon, Wamda, AMIDEAST, Jusoor Syria, Speed Lebanon Accelerator, Green Studios, and MENA Devs Group, among others.

Who is it for?
Should you be interested in the Agri-Food space of Lebanon and the region, or wish to take action to remedy its discrepancies, then the Hackathon is your place to be – the event addresses itself to technical developers, engineers, agronomists, food experts, designers, or business-minded and innovative problem solvers of the Agri-Food space in Lebanon and the region.

The Where and When?
The event will commence on Friday 31st at 5 P.M and conclude on Sunday 2nd April at 7 P.M; it will be held at the Campus of Sciences and Technology of the St Joseph University (ESIB), in Mar Roukoz, Mkalles.

How does it work?
48 hours constitute the time length during which participants will have to generate a prototype (or a demo of a prototype) that should answer to the industry’s challenges.

At the end of the competition, teams will have to present their prototype and accompany it with a 4-min pitch that showcases a sustainable business model.

What’s in it for the winners?
The parameters based on which these teams will be evaluated by the jury are the following: idea, impact, innovation, sustainability, and prototype.

Two spots will be reserved for the winners – first place earns a $3K prize, and second a $1.5K. Moreover, both winners will have direct access to the Agrytech Accelerator program, which will expose them to the opportunity of receiving up to 12 months of support, and up to $40K of grant funding.  

Get the low-down on the Agrytech’s Hackathon now, and register before the 28th March!  

What is the Agrytech Program about?
As previously mentioned, the program points towards producing the appropriate tools to redress the difficulties the Agri-Food space is suffering from.

The Program is formed of three main pillars – the Accelerator, the Cluster, and the Resources. The Accelerator is tailored to move inventive ideas forward, the Cluster promotes the smart Agri-Food innovation hub, and the Resources platform is all about awareness.  

Get to know all about the program and its pillars up close!



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