AirWayBill - Careem’s Official Transportation Partner

ArabNet Team, Jun 21 2017

AirWayBill, the peer-to-peer shipping platform, has partnered up with the Dubai-based transportation startup Careem to be its official transportation partner in the Middle East; the shipping platform will support carriers in getting their items to recipients in a more efficient manner.

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A Word About AirWayBill
AirWayBill helps match shippers that want to move their belongings from one place to another with travelers willing to carry these packages on their journeys for cash rewards - making shipping easier, cheaper, and faster while creating a platform for travelers to earn from their travels. Shoppers can buy from anywhere in the world, and have their package delivered to them at a fraction of the cost of a courier by making use of the unused space in travelers’ suitcases.

Having launched in early 2017 AirWayBill has a community of 35,000 users in its target markets - the USA, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, and UAE. The development of the app and platform was done in Silicon Valley.

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How Does This Work?
As AirWayBill’s terms and conditions apply, all the users who are connected to both apps will benefit from a $15 discount off their airport rides.

This is how the process will be like - buyers will meet the carriers at the airport to deliver the item(s); carriers will be offered a ride home, without having to order a separate drop-off. AirWayBill will send the promo codes of Careem to buyers and carriers, whenever they have a shipment in process, as a bonus to their agreement.

Khaled Sehly, co-founder and managing director, said: “We’ve opened a door to buying and receiving items in a more cost-effective manner than traditional methods […] it’s a mutual relationship that gets things and people moved around in comfort and with efficiency.”

AirwayBill and Careem


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