Alfa Launches New Smart Home Service

Lynn Bizri, Jul 05 2017

During the recent inauguration of its flagship store at Parallel Towers in Lebanon, Alfa Telecommunications launched their new smart home service ‘Alfa Smart Home’.

The Alfa Smart Home mobile application enables users to activate home sensors remotely as well as watch live-streamed video directly from their home or office on their smartphones while being notified about intrusions, motion detection, and smoke via SMS or in-app alerts.

The basic Alfa Smart Home package, which costs $418, includes a gateway, camera, smart plug, smoke detector, magnetic door detector, alarm, remote control, temperature and humidity sensor, router and dongle and comes with a dedicated mobile internet bundle ($18/month) to keep all the devices connected. Users can also buy additional devices such as motion detectors, led bulbs, wall switches, keypads and batteries and connect a maximum of 4 cameras and up to 30 devices to the Alfa Smart Home solution.

The basic package includes the following devices/detectors:


Installing the Alfa Smart Home system is easy. Users access Alfa's website, create a new account, and register their gateway by entering the access code printed on it. They then can add their devices on the ‘System’ page and follow the instructions to complete the connection.

­­The Alfa Smart Home solution is currently being sold at all Alfa stores and franchise stores. 


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