Submit a Lightning Talk Proposal for ArabNet Beirut 2013 Design+Code Day!

ArabNet , Feb 07 2013

Well, it’s that time of the year again! ArabNet is looking for proposals for Lightning Talks to be given during the Code+Design day during ArabNet Beirut 2013, BOOM!

Lightning Talks are independent, community organized, fast-paced 5-minute talks given by experienced developers, designers, or those creative types about a specific case-study or personal experience that they've encountered throughout their career.

We’ve had a great set of lightning talks speakers over the past two years. We’re very excited to announce a call for papers for the upcoming event in Beirut. 

We’re looking for proposals on the subject of “Making Web and Mobile a Better Place for all of us!” That’s developers, designers, users, analysts, researchers, the whole spectrum basically ranging from novice to advanced levels. We especially welcome first-time speakers who would like to share their experience. If you know someone who has an interesting case-study that is valuable to the community, talk them into submitting a proposal!

All accepted lightning talk speakers will get a free ticket to attend the Design+Code day during ArabNet Beirut 2013.

Sample subjects include (but are not limited to):

  • Development:
    • Why open-source?
    • Localization and/or internationalization
    • Freelancing Nightmares: Dealing with clients
    • Privacy concerns that all developers should care about.
    • Why companies should use version control systems? (git, mercurial, …)
    • Any hot awesome piece of code, plugin or fix that you’ve done (or come across) that others can slap in their editor and be thankful to you for eternity :)
  • Design:
    • Beyond Arabic Web Typography
    • Responsive/Adaptive web design
    • Licensed content, why it matters and free alternatives
    • Any new kickass design technique that you learned and are super excited about sharing it with the world :)

Please note that you can speak in English or Arabic at the event.

Deadline to apply is March 7. And please, please, please, pretty please don’t wait until the last minute to apply! We’re going to be evaluating/approving ideas as soon as they come. Be awesome and submit as soon as you can :)

Click here to find out more information / Click here to submit now!


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