Apple iPad Event Live Coverage

ArabNet , Mar 07 2012

Combined with 55 million iPads sold since April 2010, Apple could well exceed the 100 million mark this year with 50+ million units expected to be sold during 2012 driven by the introduction of the iPad HD, which will be unveiled during tomorrow’s Apple Event.

Those sales figures are expected to drive $158 billion in revenue for Apple's fiscal year 2012, projected to grow to $179 billion in 2013 according to Apple Insider.

What to expect?

The 3rd generation iPad is expected to have a 9.7-inch Full HD QXGA panel with Retina Display, Siri voice recognition and 4G LTE connectivity. Sources at Apple also indicated that the new device will have improved battery performance to counter power consumption issues associated with high-speed wireless standard. Rumors regarding the processor have been split as to whether the next iPad will be powered by a quad-core or a dual-core CPU.

The iPad HD should help solidify Apple’s dominance of the market against numerous rivaling Android powered tablets, notably the Fire and Nook Tablet, and the looming onslaught of tablet PCs running Windows 8 that are expected to hit the market this summer.

Apple iPad HD Event - Live Coverage (Starting today @ 8:00pm, Beirut time)



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