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Bootcamp’s 4th Startup Sprint Happening This Weekend!

ArabNet Team, Jul 25 2017

Startup Sprint by AltCity Bootcamp is a 3-day event that aims to equip startups with the proper knowledge and guidance to develop scalable technology-driven business solutions to core problems in banking, consumer goods, education, health, and more. In this particular edition, the focus area will be financial and insurance services.

Taking place on July 28th-30th, the Sprint’s agenda will include workshops, activities, talks, and work sessions with mentors. Entrepreneurs will learn about basic startup concepts, establish a clear problem statement and unique value proposition, size their market, define target users, launch their landing page, develop a basic prototype, start testing, and finally pitch their ideas on July 30th.

With the help of mentors and experts, teams will compete for cash prizes worth up to $5000, special perks from partners, and the opportunity to advance to the second phase of Bootcamp, where they will undergo a 6-week training program focused on validation and connections to next-stage opportunities.

To find out more about the Startup Sprint and apply to future competitions, visit AltCity's website.


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