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Meet Riyadh's Ideathon Finalists and Runner-ups

ArabNet Team, Nov 28 2017

We are proud to announce the 10 ArabNet Riyadh Ideathon Finalists and 5 Runner-ups, a group of diverse and talented entrepreneurs. 

The finalists will join us at ArabNet Riyadh and pitch on stage to a panel of high caliber judges in front of an audience of investors, media, and entrepreneurs. Register to attend ArabNet Riyadh to watch the finalists present and hear about their innovations.

10 finalists of the Ideathon competition (and 5 runners-up) were selected based on the following criteria: value proposition, target market, competitive advantage, business model, and innovation.

All finalists will get the chance to pitch in front of investors at ArabNet Riyadh 2017, and the winners will earn a total cash prize of $5,000 to help convert their ideas into an up-and-coming startup.

Meet the Finalists

Entrepreneur – Noura Al Zahrani, Country – KSA
An app that helps people to order tailors to their own houses.

Al Muhami
Entrepreneur – Kahlil Al Yehya, Country – KSA
Legal advice at the touch of a button

Programming and Algorithms
Entrepreneur – Reem Aboud, Country – KSA
Interactive educational platform to teach programming and algorithms in a non - traditional way

Entrepreneur – Mohamed Labadi, Country – Algeria
Matching students & recent graduates with global and local education and careers opportunities.

Entrepreneur – Banan Sulaiman Al Rahili , Country – KSA
An online shopping platform for new and pre-owned fashion items

Teller App
Entrepreneur – Ahmad Baismail/Mark Quevillon, Country – KSA
Door to door tellers platform

Entrepreneur – Abdullah Fahad Al Jaber, Country – KSA
A smart application that offers a variety of unique marketing services to restaurants

Entrepreneur – Ebtesam Ayidh AlAmri, Country – KSA
Peopar a platform for amateur writers where people can become their own editor.

Diagnose Me
Entrepreneur – Mansour Marzouk Arifi, Country – KSA
Diagnose me is an electronic platform that allows patients or their guardians to communicate and explain the problem that the patient suffers from

Fitness Clock
Entrepreneur – Mohamed Abdelmeti Ibrahim , Country – KSA
Fitness Clock is an online social networking website/mobile app that facilitates outdoor group sporting events

Meet the Runners-up

Entrepreneur – Ahmad Muin Alkhawaja, Country – Jordan
An online rental marketplace

Education Platform
Entrepreneur – Omar Almulhim, Country – KSA
A platform offers a shared board that allows teachers to teach students remotely

Code Silver
Entrepreneur – Laila Abdul Qader Rifai, Country – KSA
It is an application that gives you the opportunity to ask for a doctor to come directly to your door steps

Travel Companion
Entrepreneur – Hiba Qurra, Country – KSA
An application aimed to make the customer's traveling experience more manageable, easier and enjoyable.

Data Platform
Entrepreneur – Mosab Azizi, Country – KSA
Providing Companies with a software that will process their data and get Knowledge out of it to help them take better decisions.


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