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Meet Riyadh's Startup Battle Finalists and Runner-ups

ArabNet Team, Nov 28 2017

The preparations for ArabNet’s Startup Battle - Riyadh on December 12th are underway, and we're excited to see the big pitches. 

10 startups will get the chance to pitch their business models to a panel of judges and 3 winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the end of the event.

The winning startups will be given the opportunity to travel to ArabNet’s Digital Summit in Dubai, and participate in the Startup Championship for a chance of receiving a prize of $20,000 cash, as well as a scholarship for acceleration in Silicon Valley.

In addition to the pitches, the ArabNet Riyadh event will include 4 forums: Media & Adtech Forum, Investment and Innovation Forum, Digital Commerce Forum and the Digital Transformation Forum. 

To attend the forums and pitches, register for ArabNet Riyadh 17 here

Meet the Finalists

Entrepreneur – Mohamed ElZalabany, Country – KSA
DailyMealz is a mobile app that enables users to subscribe for a daily healthy meal delivered to their doorsteps

Entrepreneur – Ahmed Khaled AlRasheed, Country – KSA
Shoghol is a platform that offers a revolutionary set of activities that turn startups into active employers and youth into active job seekers.

Entrepreneur – Faisal Alzahrani, Country – KSA
Ajeer is an on-demand platform that connects homeowners and maintenance service providers with competitive prices & high quality.

Entrepreneur – Abdullah Bin Shamlan, Country – KSA
Autotash is on a mission to organize the unorganized Spare Parts Industry in KSA

Entrepreneur – Ahmed Tohomy , Country – KSA
Hommycook is an online marketplace for homemade food

Entrepreneur – Moustafa Osama Moussa, Country – KSA
Sadeem is the world’s first multi-patented flood and traffic information system with active networks to save lives and money in realtime.

Entrepreneur – M Ummer Malik, Country – KSA
Connecting families and organizing house hold using AI

Entrepreneur – Bassem Al Baladi, Country – KSA
Labayh is a project that helps individuals who are suffering from family and psychology problems 

Entrepreneur – Sultan Aish Al Buqmi , Country – KSA
Looz is an application for mobile car washing

Entrepreneur – Nasser Almshrafi, Country – KSA
E3mal is a world-class secure online platform that connects clients with professionally-skilled freelancers 

Meet the Runners-up


Entrepreneur – Jihan AlHarbi, Country – KSA
Rofoof is a pioneer platform providing special service C2C for the general public to buy and sell their own used books.

Entrepreneur – Ahmad B Al Sobhi, Country – KSA
This app will help you to ship your stuff by allowing you to connect with travelers traveling from your country to the country you want to ship to

Fresh Basket
Entrepreneur – Khaled Aldolaimi, Country – KSA
Fresh Basket is an online fruits and vegetables store

Lomi Platform
Entrepreneur – Rafah Alkhatib, Country –  KSA
Lomi platform is a provider-to-provider advice and communication model that facilitates communication between healthcare providers



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