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Meet the Investor: Silicon Badia

Lynn Bizri, Feb 26 2018

Today, the MENA region is witnessing a growth in the number of new funding institutions and is currently home to over 100 active institutional investors. At ArabNet, we decided to map out and profile the funding institutions in 9 of MENA’s key markets. You can find our map here, and our third profile on Jordan and New York based Silicon Badia below. 

Silicon Badia is a venture capital company that invests in technology startups in Jordan, the Middle East, and the U.S., and works to connect entrepreneurs, companies, and investors from these regions. Backed by Accelerator Technology Holdings, one of the Middle East's first institutional venture capital investors, Silicon Badia was founded in 2012 and is currently deploying two primary funds, the Badia Impact Fund, focused on Jordan and the Middle East, and the Badia Outreach Fund, focused on the U.S.

For more information on Silicon Badia, check out their website, and our fact sheet below:


Launched: 2012

Fawaz H. Zu’bi (Founder, Chairman and CEO)
Emile N. Cubeisy (Founder and Managing Partner)
Namek T. Zu’bi (Founder and Managing Partner)
Tareq Faddah (Finance Director)
Jenny Atout Ahlzen (Investment Principal)
Mamoun Muhelsen (Administrative & Government Affairs)
Lina Al Araj (Corporate & Legal Affairs)
Dina Shawar (Investment Associate)
Rawan Talhami (Administrative Assistant)
Kumar Fernando (Office Manager)

Based: Jordan/New York

Target Market: 
Middle East and USA

Investment Tickets: $500K - $1.5M

Investment Stage: Early Stage, Late Stage, Seed

Startups Funded/Acquired: ArabiaWeather Inc, bayzat, Curl Stone, eon aligner, #Hashdoc, HyperPay, IdealRatings, Liwwa, and more.



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