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The Shift Towards Digital

ArabNet Team, Dec 05 2017

Brands are becoming more inclined to adopt a human-centric approach in their advertising strategies, using recent ad technologies such as analytics, content distribution, programmatic, native, bots and automation to support their vision and engage consumers.  Across the world, the digital media sector is evolving; there is software for measuring campaign effectiveness, tools for automating media buys programmatically, platforms for distributing authentic content, predictive sales and lead generation technologies, and more.

On the global scale, advertising technologies are giving traditional advertising techniques a radical makeover; advertisers are shifting their ad budgets to digital channels and Adtech companies; analytics and data are redefining targeted content; and ad campaigns and media placements are tailoring advertising messages to their relevant personas. According to the Global Advertising Trends report, by IHS Markit, global advertising revenue is expected to grow to $590 billion in 2017 from $532 billion in 2016, showing a 7.1% growth.


The MENA region is ‘snailing’ its way from traditional to digital media ad spend, as digital stands at 10%, compared to a big fat 30-35% spend on print, according to Mideast media. Moreover, according to Zenith’s ‘Adspend Forecast September 2017’ report, the MENA region will witness an 18.6% drop in adspend this year. However, although the region has a small share in the global advertising spend, the region has become a rich destination for marketers, and experts believe that the shift towards digital is taking place with a good pace.  

The Adtech forum tackles the top medium on everyone’s agenda: mobile, through ephemeral and video content, empowered by distribution technologies, analytics and data. It also tackles how brands, agencies and publishers are adapting to new platforms, what are the key trends that define the region, how distribution of media is changing, and the data driving adtech. To attend the Adtech forum, register for ArabNet Riyadh here


Benjamin Ampen
is Head of Revenue, at Twitter MENA, and launched the company’s sales activities in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Germany and Italy.


Wael AlFayez is General Manager of AlKhaleejiah Advertising and Public Relations Company and winner of MCIT Raqmi Award for Digital Excellence

Toby Daniell is Head of Sales at the Dubai branch of Inskin Media.


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