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Voliro Wins Krypto Labs’ Drone Innovation Start-Up Contest 2018

ArabNet Team, May 07 2018

Concluding its most rewarding contest to date, Krypto Labs announced that Voliro, a Swiss-based startup that focuses on omnidirectional drones for interaction and uninhibited observation, was the winner of its latest contest, the Drone Innovation Start-Up Contest.

The Drone Innovation Start-Up Contest (DISC) aims to recognize the top innovators who contribute to redefining the conventional wisdom around aerial mobility and their startups. The competition has proven to be influential in the field of aerial photography, transportation and logistics, disaster management, search and rescue operations, terrestrial mapping, building management, law enforcement surveillance, and weather forecasting.

The grand finale event was held at Krypto Labs’ state-of-the-art premises in Masdar City on the 6th of May, with a great number of attendees consisting of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investors.

With over 600 applicants from 61 countries, five finalists were chosen to pitch live onstage at Krypto Labs’ facility. Voliro managed to impress the jury and earned the title of DISC 2018 winner, receiving $500K in funding, vital assistance, including mentorship, as well as access to a worldwide network.

The process of choosing a final winner was made by a judging panel of drone industry experts, serial entrepreneurs and prominent founders, including Dr. Saleh Al Hashemi, Managing Director of Krypto Labs, Zach Coelius, early stage technology investor and advisor, Amir Kalaoun, Director of International Business Development at Aurora Flight Sciences, John Ramey, startup investor and advisor, innovation design expert, and Amir Hirsc, Founder at Flybrix, an Education-Focused Drone Developer.

Dr. Saleh, Managing Director of Krypto Labs, said, “Today, advances in drone technology are revolutionizing many industries and practices of business, and I am proud to say that Krypto Labs is one of the best places to inspire innovators to seek their dreams. In this contest, we aim to recognize top innovators who are contributing to this industry in many different sectors. We received 600 applications from 61 countries and tonight I feel very privileged and honored to stand in front of all of you and acknowledge these groundbreaking startups and their founders.”

The DISC comes in alignment with the UAE National Innovation Strategy and the UAE Vision 2021 based on “innovation, research and technology will form the pillars of a knowledge-based, highly productive and competitive economy, driven by entrepreneurs in a business-friendly environment where public and private sectors form effective partnerships”. In this context, Krypto Labs is focusing on bringing forward the best technologies from around the world to share their ideas and showcase their products.

Voliro hopes to open up a world of new possibilities by designing a Hexacopter that can hover in any orientation in the air by decoupling its position and its orientation completely, giving the system the ability to perform acrobatic maneuvers.



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