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Vote For Your Favorite Startup Battle & Ideathon Finalists in Beirut

ArabNet Team, Feb 21 2018

ArabNet Beirut has kicked off!

We are also excited for the great Startup Battle Finalists and Ideathon Finalists. You now have the opportunity to choose the finalists pitching in the competitions today to win the People’s Choice Award.

If you have a favorite Startup finalist or a favorite Ideathon finalist, you can vote for them to win the People’s Choice Award.

You can watch the pitches via live stream on our Facebook page. Voting starts at 12pm after all the finalists pitch on stage and ends tomorrow at 3pm.

Meet The Startup Battle Finalists:

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 – Ibrahim Ezzeddine, Country – Lebanon
Cherpa is an online platform that teaches robotics to youth in a fun and interactive way and empowers them with the necessary skills to prepare for a better future.

Entrepreneur – Nicholas El Jamal, Country – Lebanon
Dox is building a battery predictive maintenance platform that will help automotive companies eliminate inventory costs and unnecessary site visits while improving the reliability of their batteries.

Entrepreneur – Maurice Mattar, Country –  Lebanon
Feel22 is an online destination for beauty shoppers in Lebanon and the region, providing them with a unique experience while shopping from an exclusive and wide selection of beauty products.

 – Maher Hassanieah, Country – Lebanon
Fig empowers businesses to have real time adaptive engagement with their customers by creating chatbots that integrate seamlessly into the customer's life through understanding and learning their habits 

Find a Nurse
Entrepreneur – Hussein Sleiman, Country – Lebanon
Find A Nurse aims to become the region's most reliable platform that allows families to find qualified home care professionals quickly and affordably.

Entrepreneur – James Chamoun, Country – Lebanon
An all-in-one social media platform for Gamers.

Entrepreneur – Giovanni De Luca, Country – Lebanon
Harold is a disruptive Classified Ads assistant that allows users to optimize the price, time, and platform choice of their second-hand transactions. The solution understands users' buying and selling needs through its tailored AI system.

Entrepreneur – Rami Alame, Country – Lebanon
Lexyom is an online platform that enables users to find legal answers, legal services and connect to lawyers anytime and anywhere.

Entrepreneur – Ayman Kichly, Country – Lebanon
Ray is a cloud-based solution focused on creating a smarter way to manage and automate communication and processes in communities or workplaces.

Entrepreneur – Dina Daher, Country – Lebanon
Wanowi is the destination for the streetwear fashion community providingadolescents with a secure marketplace to buy, sell, negotiate and connect.


Meet The Ideathon Finalists:

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Smart Glucose Meter
 – Ali Hamid Ali, Country – Lebanon
Smart Glucose Meter uses the technology and processing power of your smartphone to automatically measures your blood sugars using a tiny meter that plugs into your phone's charging socket. Blood glucose readings are automatically tracked, charted, and analyzed for the patient

Lemonade Fashion
Entrepreneur – Arthur Bizdikian, Country – Lebanon
Lemonade Fashion allows people to take complete control over their fashion by giving them a platform that has trendy, high quality, and custom-made designer pieces 

Entrepreneur – Bassel Karout, Country – Lebanon
Actachef is an online platform for customers to order their favorite meal and get it delivered to their houses in the form of a box with fresh pre-portioned ingredients and an easy recipe to follow.

 – Elias Najjar, Country – Lebanon
Pillarz is a user-friendly chatbot builder platform for businesses. 

Kill My Routine
Entrepreneur – Fadi Bou Debs, Country – Lebanon
Kill my Routine is an online platform that matches events and activities to a user's mood

Entrepreneur – Ghaith Assamak, Country – Jordan
Tanda is a a credible platform of peer to peer financing that attracts a pool of savers and borrowers, promoting sound financial behavior.

Entrepreneur – Ghassan Zughaib, Country – Lebanon
YallaBus is the 1st bus assistant platform in Lebanon that aims to enhance, reshape and facilitate the use of public transformation in the country.

Entrepreneur – Hiba Fleihan, Country – Lebanon
Rbot is a chat bot that simplifies the reservation process for hotels by using canned responses and NLP to answer any customer’s inquiry all the way up to making online reservations.

Entrepreneur – Mary Jo elAzzi, Country – Lebanon
Ilham is a web platform designed to provide teachers with the necessary tools and tips to personalize their exams for dyslexic students.

The Advisory Company
Entrepreneur – Wael Khattar, Country – Lebanon
White Label Roboadvisor Provider


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