ArabNet Gives Entrepreneurs a Chance in Love!

ArabNet Team, Apr 01 2016

The Dating App for Entrepreneurs - Lovepreneur by ArabNet

Walk into any bookstore and you will find a wide array of books on how to start and grow your business, how to prepare the perfect pitch, and inspirational books about successful entrepreneurs. Go to any entrepreneur conference or network event and you will find similar topics. What you never hear anyone discussing or warning you of is how starting your own business will hinder your ability to date.

9 out of 10 entrepreneurs see their startups fail, but this doesn’t have to apply to their relationships too.

Entrepreneurs tend to prioritize business first, are workaholics, and have an ego that makes them feel they can conquer the world. This translates into entrepreneurs sacrificing dates for networking events, forgetting to call their partners back, and not being able to explain to them just how busy they actually are.

However, fellow entrepreneurs understand the business-oriented lifestyle, travel as often, and empathize with the never-ending stress an entrepreneur feels.

This is where Lovepreneur comes in! Lovepreneur is a dating app that is currently in its beta phase designed for single entrepreneurs who want to find something real with minimal or no effort. The official launch of the app will take place at the Digital Summit in Dubai on May 30-31.

According to the Founder and CEO of ArabNet, Omar Christidis, “Lovepreneur is for the ambitious, driven, and young entrepreneurs who are interested in dating other ambitious, driven, and young entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs, looking for a suitable romantic partner have been signing up to the app syncing their LinkedIn profile in the hopes of finding that someone special.”

Sign Up for Exclusive Entrepreneur Matching with Lovepreneur
In the app’s current Beta phase, interested users may sign up here to receive an invite. Once the app is launched, entrepreneurs wishing to join Lovepreneur have to submit their startup onto the ArabNet Startup Database

To fully understand an entrepreneur, you cannot separate their personal life from their professional one; you need both aspects for the complete picture. This is why when they sign up to Lovepreneur, selected users sync their LinkedIn account, which also ensures that their LinkedIn connections will not see them on the app, plus saves them time in filling up their bio.

Lovepreneur also comes with a number of filters that allow members to select their ideal date’s age, education attainment level, proximity, and gender.

How Do You Know It’s Love? Let Us Count the Ways

1. Spark: 

Similar to Tinder, users swipe until they find someone of interest. However, for them to match, both users have to answer the same set of 3 questions similarly. 

screenshot 0

2. Instamate:

When two matched users are on a date, this feature may be switched on by both parties to monitor emotions and stress levels in order to check attraction levels. The data can be exchanged in real time by both parties and stored on the app.

screenshot 1

3. Spark-o-meter:

The data collected from Instamate is stored within the app and may be used to compare up to 5 different partners to help reach a better decision regarding compatibility.

screenshot 2

The app unapologetically caters to a small niche of users and whilst not everyone might see the appeal of it, Beta users are getting what it’s about and enjoying it.  Naturally, the app is no guarantee for the success of a relationship. Users have to accept going out on a date and give a new relationship a shot!


Nicolas  “This is exactly what single entrepreneurs need! Now they can find a partner who understands them well and doesn't nag all day for them to get a ‘real’ job. I encourage everyone to try it!"

Nicolas Zaatar

Co-founder of NAR - Next Automated Robots

“The loving is hard with this one”


Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Region 2

“Sure, neither of us has time for dating. But at least we can share a co-working space at the nearest incubator and practice pitching to each other”

Siroun Shamigian

Co-founder of Kamkalima 

"Being an entrepreneur is an amazing experience, but it does not come without its disadvantages: long hours without sleep and excessive alcohol and tobacco use. This unfortunately does not fly with the ladies and loneliness takes its toll. I need an app to help me find an equally dysfunctional soulmate. Lovepreneur is that app"

Emile Sawaya

Co-founder and CEO of ReAble

 *This article was an April Fool prank brought to you by the ArabNet Team and our accomplices: Emile, Nicolas, Siroun, and Sparkileptic.

There is a soul mate for everybody out there, just waiting to be discovered - through an app or in an actual face-to-face situation ;)




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