ArabNet Heads to Riyadh on December 11

ArabNet Team, Sep 22 2017

ArabNet Riyadh is Saudi Arabia’s leading forum focused on digital business in the kingdom and Gulf countries. This year’s event will focus on highlighting the opportunities arising from the bold Vision 2030 plan and the fast-evolving digital economy in Saudi. ArabNet Riyadh will be held in Burj Rafal Hotel Kempinski Riyadh on December 11 – 13.

The event will feature four forums: Digital Transformation, Adtech, Innovation and Investment and Digital Commerce; with speakers from across the world and MENA region to talk about building the next digital frontier in one of MENA’s strongest markets.

ArabNet Riyadh will also be highlighting top entrepreneurs and startups through its staple Startup Battle and Ideathon. This year will also feature the Creative Combat competition for young marketers for the first time in Saudi! As well as a dedicated pre-forum workshop day for entrepreneurs to develop their skills and grow.

Digital Transformation Forum

The track will delve into the impact of the National Transformation Program (NTP) on the digital and entrepreneurship ecosystems, and bring together government, the private sector, and startup stakeholders to share insights, best practices and upcoming plans for building an innovation and knowledge economy in KSA.


  • Entrepreneurship Landscape in Today’s Kingdom
  • Government Digitization and Smarter Cities
  • Understanding Cyber Security: Threats and Opportunities
  • Tomorrow's Transportation: Future of Mobility and Automotive

Adtech Forum

This forum tackles the top medium on everyone’s agenda: Mobile, through Ephemeral and Video content, empowered by distribution technologies, analytics and data. This forum tackles how brands, agencies and publishers are adapting to the new platforms that are transforming consumer habits on mobile and web; what are the key trends that define the region; how distribution of media is changing and the data driving advertising technology.


  • Viewability, Ad Fraud and Brand Safety
  • New tech in advertising: AI, chatbots, beacons, AR / VR
  • Ephemeral Content and Strategies for Content Creators
  • Understanding Programmatic and Distribution Technologies 

Innovation and Investment Forum

The forum will feature a dedicated track focusing on the investment landscape and improving the ecosystem and access to LPs and growth capital, and a track focused on startup growth strategies and development. 


  • Corporate Startup Innovation (CSI)
  • Startup Valuations and the VC perspective
  • Scaling Startups: Growth capital, team development and M&A
  • Engaging LPs and high-net-worth individuals in startup funding
  • ICOs and blockchain impact on funding

Digital Commerce Forum

The forum will highlight the latest trends in online and mobile commerce in the Kingdom and MENA, the financial technologies that could radically change the face of the global financial transaction and the role of banks in growing their digital footprint.


  • Trends and Innovation in Financial Technology
  • Mobile banking, mobile wallets and rise of cardless payments
  • Travel Commerce: Models and Competition
  • Retailers Going Online: Omnichannel & eCommerce

Prototype Day

The day will feature three tracks of hands-on workshops ranging from legal and HR to product development, helping entrepreneurs hone their skills and grow their business. 


  • Managing Human Resources and Hiring for Startups
  • Understanding Product-Market Fit and Pivoting
  • Term-sheets and Valuations
  • Managing Your Online Presence
  • Brand Building Through StoryTelling
  • Growing hacking SEO


ArabNet Riyadh will feature the staple Startup Battle competition that will select the top 3 startups from Riyadh to join the Startup Championship in Dubai in May to select the winner of $20,000 and a scholarship to Silicon Valley. As well as the Ideathon competition for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their innovative ideas. This year’s forum features an all-new competition: the Creative Combat, for young marketers to showcase their digital marketing skills.

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