ArabNet is Flying to Kuwait on October 17th!

Nadine Kahaleh , Jul 19 2017

ArabNet is flying to Kuwait on October 17th for the second time. A 2-day conference will take place; it’ll be focused on the Kuwaiti and GCC market. The event will shed light on the latest trends and opportunities that have emerged in the country, and will introduce the crowd of the ecosystem to Kuwait’s most promising startups.

What to Expect at ArabNet Kuwait 2017?
The 2-day conference will consist of the TechFair, an exhibition area for leading digital companies and rising startups to connect. It will also feature a full day of keynotes and panels covering digital media topics, digital banking, the state of ecommerce in Kuwait, the latest hardware technology and innovations, in addition to the landscape of entrepreneurs in Kuwait.

Furthermore, two competitions will be held at ArabNet Kuwait; the Ideathon competition for entrepreneurs with innovative digital ideas that have not been built, and the Startup Battle competition for entrepreneurs with innovative digital young startups less than two years old.

The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem
The Kuwait entrepreneurial ecosystem has witnessed a lot of great updates; with Delivery Hero acquiring food delivery platform Carriage, and Faith Capital Holding acquiring provider of commercial cleaning services Masbagti, now renamed JustClean. Also, a number of new funds, accelerator programs, and support institutions have launched.

All this activity has captured the eye of regional and global investors; on that note, ArabNet Kuwait will feature top investors and underline their investment strategies. It will also touch on the market latest trends, entrepreneurial hacks and best practices, team-building approaches, and scaling.


ArabNet Kuwait Conference - October 2016.

The Digital Media Activity
On the digital media level, Kuwait has scored a 96% social media penetration this year – the highest on the global scale! It’s been the leading country in the MENA on both Snapchat and Instagram. Kuwaiti publishers, agencies, and brands have been optimizing their activities to keep up with online consumption habits.

Kuwaitis marketers have been also leveraging branded content and storytelling, as well as new technologies like native and programmatic to optimize the customer experience; on that note ArabNet Kuwait will underline the best practices for content creation and distribution, as well as technologies that are reshaping marketing and the consumer journey.

The Ecommerce/Banking Sectors
Another sector that has been blooming in Kuwait is digital commerce; with KNET processing over $1.6B in online transactions in Kuwait in 2016. In fact, banks, retailers, and services businesses are increasingly investing in digital innovation to meet consumer demands: 24/7, convenient, and seamless across touch points.

This year’s ArabNet Kuwait will be venturing a conversation on the latest trends in e-retail and e-commerce - including omnichannel and on-demand strategies - as well as fintech and banking innovation - including mobile banking/payments and the future of the branch.



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