AUB Darwazah Contest Announces Startup Winners

Lynn Bizri, May 23 2017

The Darwazah Student Innovation Contest is a contest open to all AUB undergraduate and graduate students. The purpose of the competition is to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation among AUB students and also aims at encouraging collaboration between students from different disciplines, to share knowledge and come up with a well-rounded and complete business proposal for a new product or service.

Out of the 80 applicants who applied to the contest in January, 8 startups were chosen and presented their final pitches at The Darwazah Contest Innovation Gathering and Rewards, which took place yesterday at the Olayan School of Business at AUB. In addition to the startups’ pitches, the event also included a panel discussion about entrepreneurs on their way to startup success as well as two keynotes by Maya Farah, Product Director at Zynga, and May Darwazah Murad, daughter of Hikma Pharmaceuticals founder Dr. Samih Darwazah.

The 8 finalists included:

Thabet: an online platform that aims to harmonize the relationship between employers and blue collar employers
MekaPrep: a device that automates the food preparation process
CalMetrum: a mobile application that converts real-time AI-based image to calories count
LeakSentry: a mobile application and device that detects and notifies users about toxic and combustible gases
MonopolyKings: a buyer-side platform providing insights for smarter real estate investments
Night Owl: a mobile app that acts as the ultimate ‘concierge system’ for party goers and nightlife establishments and provides real-time information on nightlife events and parties in Beirut.
CartilaGene: a multi-parametric tissue engineering bioreactor which stimulates articular cartilage tissues.
Gluco-Z: a wearable device that measures the glucose concentrations in the blood of diabetics

Leading up the event, the finalist startup teams underwent 5 months of refinement, trainings and evaluations to validate their business models and pitch publicly.
CartilaGene and Night Owl were selected as the 1st place winners, receiving $10,000 each, with CalMetrum and Thabet coming in as 1st and 2nd runner ups respectively.








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