Battle of the Games Finalists Head for ArabNet Riyadh 2016

ArabNet Team, Dec 06 2016

This year at ArabNet Riyadh 2016, you will have the chance to discover 4 great games going head to head at the Battle of the Games!

Take a look at this year’s lineup and share your thoughts with us: Which game will be the next overnight sensation?

Or better yet, if you’re coming to ArabNet Riyadh 2016, you will have the chance to see and play the games live before anyone else.

  • Ship Stations

Ship Stations, developed by Abdel Rahman Jawda (KSA), is an endless runner’s game. It was produced in the 3D unity engine. It was done in 2 months during spare time. The idea is simple, the spaceship tries to escape inside a space station without crashing and trying to gather as much maintenance equipment and light cubes.

  • Bubble!

Bubble!, developed by Faisal Alabdulkarim (KSA), focuses on physical balance: You can control the shape through gravity and you will be able to buy different shapes through the app store. You can also play various styles of games different than the traditional one.

  • The Schema

The Schema, developed by Diaa ElHak Guedouari (Algeria), is a simple puzzle / platformer about planning a scenario as a set of given actions and executing it in order to finish the level. This game was originally made for a 3 days game contest called Game Zanga, organized across the MENA region. The game won the first prize over more than 60 entries.

  • Casual Cards Game

Casual Cards Game, developed by Mohammed Almatar (KSA), features a theme of traditional Saudi souq environment. Available to play with AI, Multiplayer, and Play with Friends modes. Supports 2 and 3 player mode with cultured content. The game features a real-time leader-board call Rich List which shows the 'Net-worth' of each player and the change +/- that happened every time the player plays a game (similar to the Forbes Billionaires list). The game will be released by the end of December 2016. 

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