Bayt and Udemy Partner Up to Help Job Seekers

ArabNet Team, Jun 14 2016, the Middle East’s number one job site, has partnered with Udemy, a global marketplace for learning and teaching online, to provide job seekers in the Middle East with hundreds of courses to boost their employability and help them gain a competitive edge by mastering new skills.’s 25 million users can now access a large array of Udemy courses on the “Learning” portal of the website, and learn the skills they need to get a job in a region that is characterized by an ever-widening skills gap and one of the highest unemployment rates in the world.

According to the  Middle East Skills Gap Survey, released by in May 2016, the skills gap in the Middle East is prevailing. The problem is particularly amplified for senior-level positions, with 70% of respondents claiming it is difficult to find senior-level candidates with the required skills. has designed solutions to help employers find the most suitable talent and help job seekers learn the skills they need to find a job for years. This integration with Udemy will help bridge the skills gap between job seekers and employers in the Middle East. Courses will be recommended to job seekers based on their job titles and interests. Job seekers will also be able to add Udemy courses they take to the education section of their CVs. The courses are available in English and Arabic, and range in topics from problem solving and communication to technical skills, particularly those relevant to growing fields like mobile technology and software development.

“The job market in the Middle East is characterized by fierce competition for a limited supply of jobs. In the face of this competition, job seekers who seek to continually upgrade their skills and who pursue a path of lifelong learning stand to win the best job opportunities,” said Omar Tahboub, VP of Product, “Earlier last year, we launched a Learning channel on to help job seekers gain access to some of the best learning opportunities. Today, we announce our partnership with Udemy, a leading global provider of online learning content. We hope that this partnership will empower job seekers in the region in their pursuit of lifelong learning.”

“Learning is no longer something confined to the classroom -- there is a real demand for lifelong learning that allows people to up-skill to meet the changing needs of today’s workplace,” said Richard Qiu, VP of Business Development at Udemy. “We are pleased to be partnering with to provide even greater access to flexible, online learning on the most in-demand skills for employment in the Middle East.” plans to translate and offer more Udemy courses in Arabic in the coming weeks, further increasing opportunities for people to learn in their native language. All Udemy courses are available on-demand and once purchased, students have lifetime access to the course content so they can learn at their own pace and succeed on their own terms. Courses may be taken on a computer, tablet, or smartphone, and content can be downloaded and viewed without an internet connection.

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