BB10 is Right Around the Corner, Here's an Exclusive Hands-on Demo

Wael Nabbout, Jan 08 2013

BlackBerry fans need not to silently withdraw when a mobile OS debate erupts anymore. Soon they might be able to proudly pit a shiny new OS against Android and iOS and reclaim a long lost throne . This is what RIM is promising with its latest overhaul of its mobile line-up. The long awaits BB10 OS id just around the corner.

What we've seen so far from the features:

  • Active Frame / Multitasking: 4 scaled down applications on the main screen. Similar to Windows 8's live tiles. Apps are scaled down by swiping up
  • The BlackBerry Hub & Peeking: swiping up then to the right will give you a 'peek' into a  notifications bar/center like menu
  • A revamped keyboard with a flick gesture to select suggested words when typing

Check out the hands on demonstration below kindly given to us by Mike Mefleh, Director of Product Management at RIM - Middle East.



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