How to be a Networking-Whiz at ArabNet Digital Summit

Nadine Kahaleh , May 10 2017

ArabNet Digital Summit is just around the corner. The 2-day event will launch on May 16 with a lot in its pipeline; 4 forums, a digital showcase, a techfair, and plenty of panels touching on the latest trends in the digital and tech landscape.

Aside from the high-profile speakers who will be present at The Summit, the event will attract entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals of the ecosystem – an ocean of networking opportunities.

Here's how to network like a pro at ArabNet Digital Summit!

Be Inspired by the Agenda
Give the agenda a good read. Learn about the different forums, panels, and speakers. After doing so, choose the ones that are most relevant to your business or interests. The agenda is your first tool to devise a plan geared towards your goals. 

Should there be specific attendees, exhibitors, or speakers you wish to connect with, do your proper research about them beforehand. Equipping yourself with background information about your target connection will smoothen the networking process.

Don’t Lose Information
As the Summit is a large scale event, feeling overwhelmed with the volume of information you’ll have to process is very normal. You’ll have to remain very organized; file your notes, business cards, and information booklets, to make sure you store everything for future reference. Also, make certain you aggregate all the notes you’ve taken -- panels, key takeaway, names of attendees, and speakers you networked wit

Leverage the Networking Opportunities
The Digital Summit is in itself the convergence of leaders and professionals of the tech ecosystem; hence, it has endless networking opportunities. Here are some of them:

ArabNet’s Mobile App
Our mobile app is designed to help you network with other attendees both before and during the event via the in-app messaging service. Available on Android and Apple, it features a list of all the speakers and the agenda; you’ll be able to select in advance the speakers you want to meet and when they will be speaking.

The TechFair
The TechFair is the accompanying exhibition for all ArabNet conferences. It features leading digital companies and young digital enterprises from MENA, Europe, the US, and emerging markets. Conference participants have the chance to connect with the exhibitors and discover their latest services, applications, and technologies.

Digital Showcase
The Digital Showcase is the most comprehensive convergence of young digital enterprises in the Middle East. It is an opportunity for young companies that already have a structured product offering and good market traction, to build relationships with big clients and strategic partners in Dubai - the region’s most important digital market.

Listen and Ask Questions
Building connections takes time and effort, which is why it requires patience, people skills, and most of all perseverance. You can’t expect every conversation to be rewarding; however, some might turn out to be the best you’ve ever had.

When approaching your target connection make certain to keep breathing, and break the ice by trying to find common grounds. Make eye contact, pay close attention to what the other party has to say, and engage by asking questions and showing interest.

Follow Up with New Connections
Further to your 2 days of networking, you’ll probably have accumulated a good number of contacts. The smart move to make after all that is to send a friendly email to your new connections and add them to your social networks. Also, make certain to establish meaningful relations; limit yourself to 5-10 strategic relationships and interact with them on a regular basis.







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