"Beirut Design Week" Hackathon: A Call for Social Designers

ArabNet Team, May 08 2017

Beirut Design Week is just around the corner. Organised by the MENA Design Research center, this annual week-long event brings the city together through design in a series of pop-up events, conferences, installations and designer showcases, and parties. 

This year, Beirut Design Week's theme is the following: “Is Design a need?” A thought provoking question which is being tackled from different angles by design actors in the city. 

Dima Boulad and Martin Dudek decided to answer this question by organizing OFF THE GROUND. 

They partnered up with Make Sense to organize and plan for a two-day event at Antwork whose goal is to demonstrate the importance of Design Thinking for early stage ideas. 

The event will kick off with a Keynote by Martin Dudek, Creative Director of one of London’s fastest growing innovation startups: Pollen8.

Martin Dudek will talk about how human-centric design is the key element for a successful new venture. Dudek combines problem solving, creativity, empathy and experience to tackle some of the most difficult challenges faced by new ventures and the underlying trends supporting the rising influence of designers.

A round table discussion with experts from various disciplines will debate the importance of design thinking and designers as co-founders of startups and social ventures. The round table discussion focuses on questions around the contribution of design thinking to the success of ventures and the important of creating something users love. 

The two-day design Hackathon will then explore the crucial role of designers in shaping social ventures in their early stages and getting things OFF THE GROUND.

Participants are local and international designers and creatives, from all disciplines and backgrounds who care about social impact.

The goal is to prove that design thinking can provide the solution for complex, human centric problems. Results of the Hackathon will be presented in a public showcase followed by an after party. 

There are still a few spots left to be part of the Hacakthon.  Apply now!

This event is in partnership with MENA Design Research Centre, Make Sense, Pollen8, Arabnet, Beirut Creative Cluster, Womanity, Antwork, with the support of Zaatar w zeit, Ixsir, and Waste LB




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