Beirut Innovation Week Kicks Off in May

Nadine Kahaleh , Apr 24 2017

Happening for the first time, Beirut Innovation Week will commence on the 9th of May and conclude on the 12th. A partnership between Resolve and UK Lebanon Tech Hub (UKLTH), the event brings together different parties of the ecosystem – startups, social innovators, as well as the private sector.

Designed to bolster the relationship between UK tech influencers and the Beirut economy community, the initiative’s mission is to co-build solutions through fintech and other technology verticals. 

Registration Open Until May 9
Parties who are interested in being part of Beirut Innovation Week will have until the 9th of March to register. The initiative’s program will feature three events – Startup Innovation day will be held on the 9th, May 11th will address the Private Sector, and May 12th will be directed to the Banking sector. Both May 11 and 12 will be for invitees only, as per May 9 it will be open for everyone.

Startup Innovation Day
The Startup Innovation day will shed light on fintech and economic empowerment. It will start with keynotes from both UK and Beirut influencers, followed by a combined panel. The day will also feature a workshop session that will focus on incorporating impact and inclusion into a startup or early stage idea.

The Startups in attendance will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and apply for UKLTH’s next acceleration cycle. Further to the pitch, the selected startups will be invited to meet, network, and ideate with established private sectors organizations at the second Beirut Innovation Week event – May 11th. Furthermore, entrepreneurs will be given the chance to apply for Resolve’s March 2018 conference in London, where they will be able to meet with potential UK investors and partners.


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