Berlin meets Dubai - A Networking Event

Lynn Bizri, Apr 18 2017

Earlier this month, young entrepreneurs from the UAE met with a delegation of European entrepreneurs coming from Germany to explore new investment opportunities.

The Forum was the first of a series of upcoming events for young entrepreneurs in the UAE and Germany, and was organized by ‘InternsValley’ a new platform supporting emerging entrepreneurial projects – specifically those from the Arab world. Held in collaboration with ‘Enpact’, a German non-profit organization based in Berlin that provides mentorship and consultancy to entrepreneurs, the event was sponsored by and took place at the ‘Millionaire Business Club’ in Dubai. The event aims to support the entrepreneurial environment in the UAE and MENA, and specifically Dubai which seeks to be a hub for entrepreneurs in the region.

Enpact, which is leading a delegation of 20 entrepreneurs representing countries in both Europe and the region, has announced its intention to launch a ‘Mentorship Program’ for entrepreneurs in MENA. The program aims to enhance entrepreneurship by training entrepreneurs on how to turn their ideas into startups, and bringing investment opportunities to the region through various periodic activities. InternsValley is currently collaborating with some of the leading universities in the UAE to provide full-time and part-time job opportunities for students. This comes as part of its focus on supporting emerging businesses in the Gulf and MENA.


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