Big Booster Launches Second Acceleration Program for Startups

ArabNet Team, Jun 28 2016

Big Booster launched the second season of its non-profit acceleration program, calling on 100 international early stage startups to take the leap and dive into Lyon and Boston’s innovation scenes.

The Offering

The acceleration program is aimed at international startups located in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and has partnered with key players such as Startup Morocco. Intensive 3-day seminars, one in Lyon, and one in Boston, the Big Booster Camps  include top-notch mentors and experts allowing in-between ad hoc mentoring. The Booster camp in Lyon constitutes opportunities for startups to test and improve their proposition value, strategy, and pitch – using feedback from mentors and experts. While the Boston one creates a gateway for startups to access US innovative ecosystem, and its promising market.

In season 1, Big Booster hosted 500 applicants, half of them international, which resulted in 72 startups, 150 mentors, judges, and experts as well as 120 hours of pitches in Lyon. 20 startups were selected for Boston, with over 30 hours of pitching, along with 50 mentors, speakers, judges, and experts.

This Time Around

Season 2 is organized by Fondation pour l’Universite de Lyon, Big Booster is the first project coming from the specific relationship between Lyon and Boston – with the two cities known for their distinction in Biotech, CleanTech, and Digital, have teamed up to foster growth and connections. This year’s season will also include industries such as robotics, smart cities, design, and mobility.

Now open, Big Booster Camps require applicants to have an innovative solution, with proof of concept, a prototype or demo, and an aspiration to cross borders.   

The deadline for applications is September 18. On October 10, 100 Season 2 startups will be selected. On November 8, there is an invite to Lyon booster camps, and in February 2017, 20 selected startups travel to Boston, with only 3 winners ultimately selected out of ten finalists in April 2017.


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