ChefXChange Launches Home Cooked Meals Service

ArabNet Team, Mar 14 2018

To cater to our fast paced lifestyles and our need to resort to food delivery apps to order food, ChefXChange, an online marketplace that connects chefs to foodies, created and released a new service: a Home Cooked meals delivery service providing anyone with this comforting and homey feel of home cooked food that is different from what restaurants offer.

The pilot phase started in September 2017 in Beirut. In Beirut, the service has been affectionately called “Mama’s Tabkha”, which is a weekly meal service of 3 or more Lebanese and International dishes such as Daoud Bacha, Mouloukhie, Koussa bi Laban, Chicken Karai, all made using traditional recipes. The weekly meal subscription service provides meat, fish, and vegetarian options.

Anyone can benefit from this service be it a busy business professional, a mother unable to cook for her family, or students living on their own and craving something different.” The platform was adapted to be a user friendly ordering system, also allowing cash on delivery for those unable to pay online with a credit card.

Since the launch of the pilot, over 3000 customers signed up to the service and hundreds of meals have been prepared, and this has been growing significantly week on week, validating the need for such a service.

Subscribing is very simple just follow these little steps:

1. Go to ChefXChange’s Meal Service page here.

2. Request an invite.

3. Check Mama's Tabkha menu for the coming week.

4. Pick your meals.

5. Splurge in that homey feel!

In 2016, ChefXChange participated and won 1st place in the Startup Battle during ArabNet Beirut. ChefXChange currently covers 5 MENA markets, with Dubai being the largest. Since it first launched in 2015 until today, the platform has raised $2.5M in funding from angel and individual investors.




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