Improve CRM with Real-Time Customer Feedback from Qmeter

Alexis Baghdadi, May 04 2016

Managers across service industries understand the importance of feedback in improving their customers’ experience and encouraging them to come back. Of course, the real value of feedback lies in their ability to respond to it in a timely and efficient manner.

With the evolution of consumer behaviors in the digital age, this has become even more relevant, and efforts should be geared towards responding even faster, in real time.

Which is exactly what the recent Dubai-based Qmeter proposes to do with its paperless feedback collection app.

“Functionalities of this online software makes it the most advanced customer satisfaction tool that connects services with customers through mobile and web apps,” said Kamran Samadli, Business Development and Marketing Manager at Qmeter.

Paper-Free Means Better Engagement

Adopting paperless feedback forms isn’t a matter of digitization for its own sake. Paper forms are simply no longer efficient.

First, they take time to fill – time that modern consumers are reluctant to spare. But even if customers did fill their form, it is ludicrous to imagine an administrator would be able to review all of them initiate responses in a timely manner. Once a dissatisfied customers fills a form and walks out of the door, the chances are he/she will not come back.

Qmeter helps business owners instantly collect feedback about their services, analyze them, and take steps to improve their customer satisfaction. All they need to do is present clients with a tablet or smartphone where the app is installed when they are preparing to leave.

Filling the form is easy and conveniently fast, since it mostly involves tapping a screen, so customers are more likely to submit their feedback.

Paper-Free Means Saving Time and Money

Of course, paperless processes create less strain on a business’s resources – and the environment. But that is only half the story.

Qmeter allows businesses to create and customize their own branded digital forms in a matter of minutes. While customers are filling the form, CSR and CRM managers can access their feedback in real time via their administrator dashboard. This way, they can directly interact with unhappy customers – even before they walk out.

“This feature is perfect to take immediate action and avoid further issues,” said Samadli.

The app also sends SMS or email alerts in case a customer leaves negative feedback and administrators are not monitoring the process live.

The built-in analytical tools create detailed reports that save time in reviewing feedbacks, and give managers the opportunity to be in touch with each of their customers.

To benefit from these features, businesses pay a small monthly subscription fee, starting as lows as $14.99 for long-term subscriptions. They may also download a free 14-day version to test the app before committing to it.

Dubai as a Base for Global Operations

Qmeter’s offices are located in Dubai Internet City, where a team of 3 manages all operations. 3 additional sales representatives are located in Berlin (Germany), Moscow (Russia), and Baku (Azerbaijan). So far, the entire operation has been bootstrapped by the founders.

Samadli said they are considering raising an investment to finance their expansion in Europe and the US, but for now, efforts are concentrated on the Dubai market, Qmeter fine-tunes its app. “We are going to add some automated customer satisfaction solutions (for example, automated SMS sent to unhappy customers, special broadcasts and discounts for loyal clients, etc.” he said.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices, and is targeted to wide range of businesses. The startup’s first clients included a coffee shop and an electronics retailer (official Apple reseller). The startup is also ion discussions with big banks in Azerbaijan, and one bank is expected to connect 20+ branches to Qmeter by end-May 2016.

“As a concept, Qmeter is a unique product with a specific focus,” said Samadli. He explained that online survey providers could be considered competitors, since businesses already use them to collect client feedback, but Qmeter’s differentiating factor is its direct online data collection, coupled with an offline interaction with clients. “This is a special approach we are trying to implement. It seems we are the first ones who are trying to do it,” he said.


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