Darisni to Reshape Education in the Arab World

ArabNet , Dec 12 2016

Following a year of development across three countries and period of beta testing in the Middle East, education tech startup company Dars today launched the first on-demand and real-time private tutoring app for the Arab world. Darisni works by connecting students to pre-screened and proficient tutors instantly, similar to how Uber connects passengers to drivers. The session takes place within the app in real-time.

The app, aptly named Darisni, meaning “teach me” in Arabic, provides students instant access to pre-screened and proficient tutors. Upon signing up, the student shares their problem with the teacher they are matched with by typing it in or snapping a photo. Then, in real-time, the tutor will instantly begin helping the student with the problem. The entire experience takes place instantly during one-on-one live chat sessions in Arabic or English with tutors familiar with various Arabic curricula - all through their mobile device without a limit on time or the number of problems shared.

Darisni currently offers tutor support for Math and Arabic language curricula, and will be available for free to all users for the next three months. Future updates will include all standard subjects found in school systems across the Arab world. Darisni is available for download on the Apple Store (iOS) and will soon be released on Google Play for Android users.

Founded by Kuwaiti entrepreneur Noor Boodai and based in Kuwait with offices in Egypt and Jordan, Dars is on a mission to reshape education in the Middle East by providing up-to-date educational content, state-of-the art on-demand delivery technology, and easy access to both. Adding onto the curricula of educational institutions and their respective Ministries of Education. Noor believes there are various challenges faced with the advancement of education through technology in the Arab world that need to be tackled head-on, and there is no better way to approach today’s millennials than through their mobile devices.

“While education in the Arab world has made great strides in the last 20 years, there is still more that can be done to help students and tutors grow to their full potential, specifically to overcome economical and geographical issues faced in today’s world. In one country, a student may be unable to get the help they need due to a conventional tutor’s limited schedule, cost, issues with commuting, or concerns of availability, while potentially in another country a refugee tutor may be unable to practice their skills and earn a living due to being confined to a refugee camp. Through Darisni, both parties benefit from the exchange as the process to educate and be educated is effortless, instant, and accessible to anyone with a mobile phone and data connection no matter where they are.”

Darisni, is the first step in Noor’s mission to curb issues associated with the quality of education in the Arab world in terms of both content and delivery. Darisni is Dars’ first and primary project.

Dars is also working on an ambitious project to transform academic content used in K-12 education systems across the Arab world. The startup aims to move schools and students from relying on paper-based content to benefiting from engaging, interactive, and innovative mobile content that is accessed from any online and offline device. The objective of the project is to reimagine the content, redefine the delivery vehicles, and inspire students across the Arab world; empowering them not only to excel academically locally, but globally as well. The project is called “Project Arab with an E”.


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