Dawsat, Counting Calories the Middle Eastern Way

Lynn Bizri, Sep 04 2017

Founded by nutritional specialist, Mas Watad, in Palestine, Dawsat started as a unique numerical system of classifying foods that has since evolved into a mobile application, website, magazine, youtube channel and physical wellness centers. Created after Watad noticed that the region lacked its own specific nutritional guide to healthy eating, Dawsat is the first and only wellness program based on an easy-to-follow points system and the traditional Arab kitchen.

Using Watad’s numerical system, food and drink items are assigned a number based on their ingredients, taking into account the fats, protein, carbohydrates, and calories, as well as their cumulative effect on the body. Tailored to the user’s age and gender in accordance with scientific research, the program is based on a daily points-quota system as well as weekly group support meetings. 

Leveraging the rapid growth of Internet and mobile access in the region, the Dawsat mobile application was created to make the program readily and easily available to users, and to help clients keep track of their daily meals, dawsat consumption, and fitness activities. As for the website, users can access success stories, recipes, articles about food, Dawsat news, cooking videos by Watad herself, and can even apply to become a Wellness Entrepreneur.  

dawsat app

Developed based on over 10 years of experience and research by Watad, Dawsat’s business model currently consists of the online platforms (mobile application and website), offline platforms (magazine), as well as in-person methodology at wellness centers to deliver weight loss and wellness solutions to adults and children. The cost varies according to the type of service offered, and the wellness centers retain 50% of the company’s revenue. 

Today, Dawsat has 20 core employees, 65 wellness center leaders working in Palestine, Jordan, UAE and London, and 30,000 users on its mobile application. Its Wellness Center in Tulkarem hosts 1,000 customers who attend weekly meetings, and people in any part of the world can arrange online meetings with Dawsat’s wellness agents. 

Watad and her team are currently looking to expand their services in MENA as well as Europe, and are in talks with potential investors to grow the startup, expand and move forward. 


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