Digitizing Morocco’s Taxi Sharing Culture

Lara Ballout, Aug 26 2016

When it comes to taxis, Morocco has its own culture and history with taxi sharing. In Casablanca and Rabat, it is very often that cabs won’t start their journey until the car is filled with commuters. It has been around for a very long time. The main problem is it can be time consuming for passengers to find available taxis.

To help study current mobility solutions connected to ride sharing, the Morocco for Taxicabs Mobility Challenge was created.  

Ford is looking for developers to build an app that will help passengers enjoy a shared ride with ease and at the same time, in a cost and time-efficient manner. Alternatively, create a smartphone app that will assist Morocco’s taxi drivers fill seats quicker and more efficiently.

Commuter Calculator
The country does need more innovative mobility. In order to solve this issue, Commuter Calculator for Morocco has been recently launched by Ford Motor Company.

Factoring in averages for working days per year, total working years, minutes spent commuting daily, and the average cost of commuting annually, Ford deduced that each on transport to and from work, Moroccan’s are spending the equivalent price of a small house on the Indonesian island of Bali in their lifetime on their commute.

Bernat Szabo, Managing Director, Ford North Africa, added: “Ride sharing may have only recently been introduced to other parts of the world, but Moroccans and the people in the MENA have been sharing journeys for a long time. But it can still be improved. Together with the IMCS and SUPINFO, we hope to inspire technological solutions that focus on making shared rides faster, safer, and/or more cost and time efficient for taxi drivers and their passengers.”

If you think you can help and find solutions, register for the Code for Taxicabs Mobility Challenge. Build your app, shoot a demo screencast video before the October 4 deadline. There is also a chance to win a share of the $30,000 prize fund and a scholarship for Master’s study from SUPINFO. The winning entry will be announced end of October 2016.

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