Digitizing the Economy with int@j and MENA ICT Forum

ArabNet Team, Oct 26 2016

In what year was the Information and Communication Technology int@j founded? What are the basic aims and to what extent do you believe it could achieve those aims?
The Information and Communications Technology Association of Jordan – int@j, is an ICT & IT Enabled Services (ITES) industry-support association founded in 2000. It is a non – profit organization which aims to promote and advance the Jordanian software and it services industry in the global markets.

The association was founded as a gesture of Jordan's REACH Initiative which was launched in 1999, in order to develop and support the projects and activities of ICT sector in the Kingdom. The establishment of inta@j association helped in raising exports of ICT sector in addition to developments in the infrastructure, better employment rates as this sector contributed to 12% of Jordan's GDP.

What are the main plans of int@j in the future?
Since int@j is bringing together the entire sector and big and mature companies under one umbrella, it works on enhancing and developing these companies through offering value added services within the following panels:

  • Capable structural and legislative environment
  • Raising demand for technology and communication sector
  • Skilled human capital that can meet the demands of work needs and satisfy the fast paced growth of the sector.
  • Opportunities of  better financing for ICT sector
  • Raising and accelerating exports
  • Supporting entrepreneurs and startups.

It is worth mentioning that there is an urgent need to offer information and brochures about the information and communication technology sector and all related companies, in addition to demand for additional support and regular meeting for the representatives.

Moreover, building competence services must be offered and enhancements of marketing activities. The representatives of this sector should work together in order to offer constitutional and consultative services to be able to represent the sector in legal issues in addition to executing all the needed initiatives, meetings and conferences which might help in the overall efforts to promote this sector.   

What is the theme of the MENA ICT Forum this year?
This year's forum is held under the theme of "Digitalizing the economy". It focuses on a number of critical sectors and industries, such as education, healthcare, clean energy, commerce, financial services, transport and logistics, media, and humanitarian causes.  The discussions will tackle issues like what are the needs for economic sectors to grow? How can you transform your company to national levels? How the vital sectors such as health, education, transportation, and financial services and media are all affected by the digital economy and how it will look in the future?

These discussions will attract wide range of people, as it sheds light on the most recent transformations these sectors have witnessed and the daily people life.

Who do you expect to attend this forum from other countries?
We expect 700 – 500 participant form regional and global delegates.

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