From DNA to Blockchain: Decoding & Recording Our Existence

Nicholas Sehnaoui ., Sep 13 2017

Blockchain technology has been active in our genes since the dawn of humanity. 

Blockchain is a technology that allows data on transactions, operations or any other type of changing information to be stacked endlessly in the code itself and distributed for safe keeping to millions of users around the planet, which makes this information secure and impossible to temper with. Furthermore, it makes it accessible at whim.

What if blockchain technology was a copycat of a basic biological property invented by nature eons ago? Any of you Geeks read Dune? Probably not. Dune is a SF novel best seller in the 70’s read by millions of people who are now some of the most successful executives on the planet. In it Franck Herbert imagines that our ancestor’s memories are stored in each of us and are accessible under certain circumstances. But to access them you must become the Kwisatz Haderatch.

When I read the book for the first time in 1982, I wondered where these memories could be stored. Fifteen years later, when I learned that DNA could store trillions of data bits I said to myself maybe our DNA is a data warehouse so efficient that it can store our memories.

The idea is not that far fetched as I discovered in the 90’s when I participated, through my DNA sample, in the National Geographic’s DNA census of ancient demographic communities. Eleven international centers to collect DNA where opened around the world and one of them was in Lebanon specifically tasked at studying the Tyr town sailor’s community. I then understood how mutations in our ancestors are stacked on our DNA through out the ages, which makes it possible for today’s scientists to trace our origins back as far as 200.000 years.

So what if we store much more than just our mutations. What if there is a way of accessing this data? The fact that some animals have access to a collective memory genetically transmitted telling them for example that certain species are natural enemies and are very dangerous proves that there is a data warehouse and it does retain some memories.

But let’s go back to the blockchain similarity. The mutation information storage is similar to blockchain technology. Think of it. The information of a mutation occurrence is distributed and stored on all the subject decedent’s, possibly millions of people down the line which makes it secure as is the case for block chain information’s, and we now know how to access it.

As I witness the young people of Lebanon, experiment, innovate and grow products out of thin air, I wonder if we are all working for a higher purpose. Aligned without knowing it. And if the seeming chaos that characterize our individual actions is not in reality evolution in progress. An evolution that will allow mankind to bridge with the features that the intelligent design built inside us.

Technology and evolution are now working hand in hand and will uncover and activate all and any traces of godhood still laying around, dormant, waiting to be found.

Nicolas Sehnaoui is Former Minister of Telecommunication of Lebanon & Chairman of the UK Lebanon Tech Hub


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