Double Bill: 2 New Mobile Games by Egypt's Appsinnovate

Wael Nabbout, Jul 01 2015

Appsinnovate, a leading software development company in Egypt, has recently released 2 new games, dubbed Blops and SyncSwitch, for both iOS and Android devices.

The company was founded by all of Mohammed Azmy, Hany Elakel, and Kareem Sayed Rabie Abdullatif in February 2012. Together, the team command 30 years of work experience – including 10 in management - in the technology engineering and commercial fields. The company offers turnkey products from its three business units: mobile applications, business solutions, and game development.

For the Love of Games

When it comes to gaming, the company’s portfolio comprises about 15 games. 5 of those have been published as proprietary Appsinnovate games; the rest were either produced for corporate clients or released on app stores as digital marketing tools for various brands or products.

“The greatest fact about both new games is that their concepts came from the team, without the interference of anyone from management, and we actually followed their own visions,” said Abdullatif.

Blops is an endless runner where you get to control two objects, a so-called red “blop” and a blue one. The idea is that each blop can only eat matching color cookies that come its way, otherwise it will sink like a rock. The blops can’t fly too high either, as they can’t survive in thin air.

SyncSwitch on the other hand is a local multiplayer – i.e. where all players play on the same device – meant to “boost physical social interaction rather than having people sitting together physically but having their focus and spirits in other worlds,” according to Abdullatif. Each player controls an incoming puzzle piece and rotates it to ensure that it fits with the other pieces controlled by the other players.

Both games are free to download. Appsinnovate is relying on in-game advertising to generate revenues. Abdullatif said this may not be the best way to monetize, “but we as hardcore gamers believe that people need to play.”

Achievements Unlocked

2015 was a “great year” for Appsinnovate, according to the founders. “We have participated in several competitions and stood among the top winners in all the competitions locally and internationally as well as achieving a great milestone in being the only Egyptian and Arab game development studio and software house to exhibit at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona early in March,” said Abdullatif. “We believe we are taking steady and firm steps towards being the main key players in this market in both Egypt and the Arab world.”

What are their plans for the future? Simply, to “make more games,” he said. “Expect four more games from Appsinnovate. We would like to exploit the success of Egyptian movies and TV shows, and replicate this in the game development industry.” This will be attractive to investors, since “Egyptian culture is well known regionally and Egyptian history is well known internationally,” he explained.

The Games Industry in the MENA

But how does the Arab region compare to the rest of the world? Admittedly, the industry is still lacking in certain areas, “but the good news is that it is catching up extremely rapidly in terms of both the number of downloads, engagement level as well as the amount of money spent on the games with in-app purchases enabled in them, especially in the Gulf region,” said Abdullatif.

“The most popular game genres in our region are definitely racing as well as online multiplayer games according to the latest trends,” he said.

According to him, the biggest challenge for Appsinnovate, is the fact that the company has to come up with a “great” product every time it decides to develop a new one. “We have to be very cautious when creating the game concept and level design to guarantee as much as we can that the player is going to enjoy our game.”

“The brainstorming sessions and the planning that occurs prior to commencing the actual work – developing and designing the game – take months, and sometimes we kill the project after long periods of discussions and brainstorming and document creations – sometimes after even commencing development or design work. This is a huge risk that we take on daily basis in our day-to-day work,” said Abdullatif.

He added that building up practical working expertise as well as marketing and monetization schemes for their products are quite challenging undertakings as well.

To download Blops: (Android) (iOS)

To download SyncSwitch: (Android) (iOS)

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