Dubai Data Economic Impact Report Launches at ArabNet Summit 2017

Lynn Bizri, May 16 2017

During the Opening Ceremony of ArabNet Digital Summit 2017, Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General of the Smart Dubai Office and CEO of the Dubai Data Establishment, launched the Dubai Data Economic Impact Report.

Below are the highlights of the report, which features the extensive impacts of the opening of Dubai’s data.

Economic Impact Estimates from the Opening of Data

By 2021, open and shared data has the potential to add 10.4B AED to the economy every year, resulting in an added value of AED 6.6B annually for the Public Sector.  


How Data will Impact:


Data will help those moving to Dubai find the right place to live by allowing them to review housing choices based on pre-set criteria and view apartments, homes and schools in augmented reality.

Doing Business

Data will help entrepreneurs find the right business idea by giving them access to city data as well as global & regional economic conditions to decide on the location of their business and prepare business plans. It will also give them access to contextualized city data including city population and demographics, vehicles owned and more. 

Maximizing Time with Family

Data will help in maximizing time spent with family through the performance of advanced statistical and spatial analysis on commute times using combined data from different sources. 

City Planning in Dubai 

Data will help in planning new city districts and analyzing potential impact by conducting impact analyses for each sector or entity, gathering feedback from the community, and run simulations to compare the impact of different scenarios. 

Achieving the Greatest Value from Data 

The Dubai Data Establishment, which operates under the Smart Dubai Office, has been mandated to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth. It leads the Dubai Data Initiative, which is a city-wide data initiative guiding the opening and sharing of Dubai’s city data across the public and private sector.

Dubai Data will stimulate a new data economy for the city, unlock opportunities and ultimately enrich the quality of life for all Dubai stakeholders, including government departments, private organizations, investors, residents and visitors. 


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