Dubai Future Foundation Looks For Startups to Solve 7 Civic Challenges

Lynn Bizri, Aug 09 2016

Dubai Future Foundation and the Government of Dubai, in partnership with Washington-DC based global incubator 1776, are looking for startups worldwide to solve 7 civic challenges as part of their intensive 12-week Dubai Future Accelerators program. The program is designed to identify emerging technologies and businesses with the potential to address the world’s most pressing challenges and opportunities, and to support them in developing solutions and prototypes for rapid deployment across Dubai.

The Challenges

The challenges fall under the following 7 entities:

Transportation – Roads and Transit Authority

The Challenge: Prototype automated transportation systems that cut congestion by 20% and reduce CO2 emissions by 30% across all modes.

Security – Dubai Police

The Challenge: Test integrated behavioral, genetic and biological systems for identifying, tracking and sharing information on criminals that are 10x more accurate and 10x more efficient.

Smart Cities – Dubai Municipality

The Challenge: Test automated, recycled, and nature-inspired building systems that use 3x less energy and CO2 and are 5 times more effective. Solutions can include robotics, automation, bacteriological, mycology, algae, biomimicry, regenerative systems, sand-based 3D printing materials, and others.

Health – Dubai Health Authority

The Challenge: Harness Dubai’s remarkable genetic diversity to enhance diagnostic speed and effectiveness by a factor of 10 using genomics, analytics, telepresence and/or personalized medicine.

Education – Knowledge & Human Development Authority

The Challenge: Prototype 21st century assessment systems and personalized learning solutions that work across curriculums to offer 5 times greater flexibility, 2x lower cost, and 10x times better learning outcomes – with an emphasis on Arabic language education, STEAM, wellbeing, coding and other disciplines.

Smart Cities – Dubai Holdings

The Challenge: Deploy digital solutions across the hospitality, food and beverage and real estate sectors that reduce paperwork and the need for human intervention by a factor of 10, increase transactions speeds by a factor of 20 and increase customer engagement by an order of magnitude. Solutions can include Blockchain, digital personalization, robotics, augmented, and virtual reality.

Energy – Dubai Electricity and Water Authority

The Challenge: Reduce water and energy consumption by a factor of 10 and increase production and distribution efficiency through the use of renewables, intelligent and automated systems, biological solutions and other means.

Open Call: Have you built a game-changing company that doesn’t precisely fit one of these challenges? Are you ready to embark on large-scale, fast moving collaborations with Dubai government entities? We encourage you to get in touch with a proposal.

Valuable Benefits and Opportunities

Startups will have the opportunity to unlock game-changing resources for their product/company through high-level partnerships, commercial agreements, and investments from public and private sectors and up to $6 million in venture capital.  Other benefits include round-trip airfare to Dubai + 90 day accommodation, a dedicated creative workspace, access to a prototyping lab, world-class mentors, and zero equity in their business. Unlike other programs, the Dubai Future Accelerators focus exclusively on the identification and deployment of futuristic prototypes and products at a city-wide scale.

The deadline to apply is Wednesday, August 10 via the Dubai Future Accelerators website and the program will run from September 12th, 2016 until December 1st, 2016. Interested startups can be of any stage and size, but must have at least one working prototype or solution that can be developed into a larger proof of concept or pilot project and tested in a real-world application. 

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