Dubai’s Startup Battle: the Finalists & Runners-Up!

Nadine Kahaleh , Apr 18 2017

Further to Kuwait, Riyadh, Beirut, Cairo, and Casablanca, ArabNet’s Startup Battle will take place in Dubai on April 23rd.

10 startups will pitch to a panel of judges, and amongst them 3 will be declared winners. They will attend ArabNet’s Digital Summit in Dubai, and compete in the Startup Championship with the remaining Startup Battle winners for a chance of receiving a prize of $20,000 cash, as well as a scholarship for the Blackbox Connect program in Silicon Valley. 

Here are the 10 finalists and 5 runners-up that have been selected for Dubai’s Startup Battle this year!

The Finalists

NOW MoneyMobile Banking for Low-Income Workers
Entrepreneur – Katharine Budd, Country – UAE
Targeted to low-income workers who are excluded from GCC’s financial system, NOW Money is a full mobile banking experience – it’s mainly focused on banking and remittance services. It allows its users to access multiple exchange providers, pay utility bills, purchase mobile phone credit, and more. It also works as a fully operational card for POS and ATM withdrawals.

Play.My.WayInterrupting Games with Educative Activities
Entrepreneur – Salma Jawhar, Country – Lebanon
Curriculum-based, Play.My.Way is an educational solution addressed to kids in the grades of 1 to 9; the app works atop any other app; it pauses the running game app with a question that must be answered to return to the game. Parents will be able to track their kids’ performance by accessing a detailed report.

Smart LabourSmart Technology for Blue-Collar Workers
Entrepreneur – Abu Muadh, Country – UAE
Tailored for blue-collar workers and laborers, Smart Labour is a web and mobile platform. Its core mission is to place the smart world within the reach of these workers; they will interact with their alike, learn new languages, develop and build skills, manage their tasks, and way more!

SawaTruck  - Finding Bid-Based Deals for Shipping Goods
Entrepreneur –
Bushra Mohamed, Country – KSA
Linking between carriers and companies (or individuals), SawaTruck is an app that allows its users to find deals for shipping goods -- based on a bid system. Companies will be able to assign trips and track their progress.

WenaakGiving Every Geographical Spot an Address
Entrepreneur – Mohamed Al Araimi, Country – UAE
Focused on four main verticals – logistics, ecommerce, government entities, and navigation – this solution’s objective is to standardize MENA’s addresses, by dividing cities in the region into 15x15m square grids and giving each a unique postal code.

JugaadThe On-Demand Services Aggregator
Entrepreneur – Ruchi Dana, Country – UAE
Devised for the UAE market, Jugaad is a web and mobile platform addressed to tour operators, event management companies, luxury tour services, retail deliveries, and food deliveries. The platform places itself as an on-demand services aggregator, which provides crowdsourcing solutions.

FriendlyCarThe Car Rental Platform for Car Owners     
Entrepreneur – Abdelrahman Elgamal, Country – UAE
Working as a Peer to Peer car rental platform, FriendlyCar is focused on facilitating the process of car sharing; car owners will share their car with other users on the platform – hence, share its expenses.

Dufoat  – Giving UAE Restaurants an Online Presence
Entrepreneur – Khalid Alharbi, Country – UAE
A cloud-based platform, Dufoat enables restaurants to manage the whole online ordering process – from menu listing, to collecting delivery addresses, to keeping customers informed about their order’s status, and more!  

Snash – Real Consumer Data for FMCG Brands
Entrepreneur –
Jad Haddad, Country – UAE
Providing FMCG brands with real consumer data, Snash is a mobile platform mainly customized for UAE. It offers access to demographical data on targeted consumers/apps, by driving grocery purchasers to validate their buy via a photo of the receipt in exchange for a reward.  

MaktApp – SAAS for Business Management 
Entrepreneur – Waleed Alyafie, Country – Qatar
Addressing SME’s, B2B, and startups, MaktApp is a cloud-based software for business management; it allows entrepreneurs to manage their projects, documents, archives, tasks, teams, invoices, etc. It also includes features to boost productivity and team collaboration. 

The Runners-Up

DaskaraCrowd-Mapping Outdoorsy Adventures
Entrepreneur – Sammy Kayed, Country – Lebanon
By providing crowd-mapped sites that have been democratically selected by locals in a specific area, Daskara aims to disrupt the way outdoorsy adventures are being experienced. It will start in Lebanon, to expand to the MENA region.

Happiness PlayResourceful Guide for Growth
Entrepreneur – Pedro Amador, Country – UAE
Happiness Play’s vision is to make people happier by providing the necessary tools to support their well-being; working as a personal adviser, the solution equips its users with resourceful references for their personal and professional growth. –  The Mobile Car Wash Solution
Entrepreneur – Eyad Al-Chaikh, Country – KSA
Providing a mobile car wash service, targets the whole MENA market. It offers its washing services at the customer’s location.

Storeleaks  - Online Exposure for Street-Side Stores
Entrepreneur –
Sarah Nasr Taher, Country – UAE
Designed to help street-side stores expand their customer-base, Storeleaks is an app and website that works as a marketplace; it helps store owners widen their products’ exposure, hence increase their sales.

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