E-book Creation Tool BookBake.com

Wael Nabbout, Jul 19 2012

BookBake is an ebook converter tool that transforms PDFs into highly interactive multiplatform ebooks. The service is an extension over flash-ebook.com, an older ebook creation service launched by Founder Ayman Abdel-Rahman almost 7 years ago.

Flash-ebooks started out as an experimental project to digitize print material. “We dealt with customers with Flash-ebooks on a case by case basis. Clients would send us the material, typically menus and brochures, and we would transform it into a digital version and add a flash based flip effect.”

“A lot of people were interested in the service but did not want to deal on a case by case basis.” BookBake reflects this demand. It is a self service software that allows anyone to create an interactive ebook “in less than a minute,” proclaimed Ayman. BookBake allows users to either output a desktop version, for Windows or Mac, a browser version, or an Android app. “It’s not just flip anymore, ” the new service also incorporates a range of transition effects and various layout options.

Pricing is based on credits; each credit allows users to create one book, regardless of length, with bigger credit bundles available at a discounted price. Additionally, BookBake offers Premium accounts. The Premium license allows purchasers to use BookBake over a certain period of time. “Our Premium offering is aimed at libraries, universities and publishing houses,” explains Ayman. Finally, the service also allows users to create ebooks free of charge, provided they are less than 25 pages in length, in exchange for a banner.

“The Arabic market should not be underestimated,” Ayman told me when asked about the potential of his service and the competition. Only one week after launch, the reception he got is a clear indication that there is a healthy market for such a service in the region. And while there are no local players in the field, Ayman isn’t shying away from global competition, “our product is world class, and our prices are competitive.”


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