Elections 2018 - Know Your Candidates

ArabNet Team, Mar 19 2018

After 9 years of having the same MPs (Members of Parliament) by extending their own term, Lebanon will finally be able to vote for their MPs of choice on the 6th of May.

To do so, a new app, called Elections 2018 - إعرف مرشحك, was recently launched in order to give all Lebanese voters the chance to discover, search and communicate with the candidates before, during, and after the Lebanese Elections 2018. Voters can send any message, question, inquiry, or even request support from candidates running for elections, thus establishing an open channel and link between the potential MPs and the Lebanese population.

The app (available on iOS and Android) was created to spread awareness and provide voters with specific information about candidates’ agenda and plans, as well as a platform to communicate with candidates. The platform aims at minimizing the amount of people that vote randomly, while increasing peoples' knowledge of each candidate’s plans, programs, etc... 

The app’s main features include:

• Chatting directly with the candidates (encrypted messages)

• Listing candidates according to districts with filters

• Providing an advanced interactive map for candidates

• Supporting favorite candidates, taking photos & sharing

• Offering the latest news per district with push notifications

• Posting results, announcements, and electoral locations

The app has acquired Lebanese patent, and only two days after launching, has gone viral with 5K downloads, and is now ranked among the Top 10 Apps in Lebanon as well as Top 1 App under the news category.


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