Exciting Times to be a Part of the Tech Industry

Rita Makhoul, Apr 19 2017

It’s an extremely exciting time to be a part of the technology industry, since many revolutionary technologies are being developed, including self-driving vehicles, smart houses, internet-connected equipment, the power of artificial intelligence, as well as all the endless possibilities that these create. Even space travel has gotten exciting again!

Thanks to my brother (holla!), I grew up watching a lot of sci-fi movies and series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation, 2001: The Space Odyssey, Back to the Future, Tron, and of course the entire Star Wars film series… oh, and The Jetsons!

Back in the 80s, when we were watching sci-fi, all the technologies seemed like pure fantasy. I mean, come on, we were still learning BASIC programming on a Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 at school, albeit it was really cool to create a 2D robot whose hands I could animate. (For those too young to be familiar with what a Sinclair is - it was an 8-bit personal computer). 

Looking at the world today, it’s astonishing to see how many sci-fi inventions have come to reality, from things such as video calling, to self-driving cars, to cleaning robots, air-touch tech, 3D printing, biometrics, and so much more. Technology is developing so rapidly, and we’ve come such a long way from the Sinclair, fax machines, and huge brick mobile phones.  Technology is everywhere, unavoidable, and important for everyone. From smartphones, to online shopping, to fund transfers, taking a cab, technology is impacting everything we do in our lives.

It really isn’t difficult to see the changes that faster microprocessors and networks have wrought. Take a look at your smartphone for a moment and let the following sink in: your phone is more powerful than the mainframe computer that landed the Apollo spacecraft on the moon more than four decades ago.

However, as advanced technology propagates across the world, the never-ending riveting debate continues on whether the impact of technology benefits the human race, or if it brings more disadvantages. Is there a downside to the ubiquitous and seamless connectivity that smart technology grants us? Will the intelligence of machines exceed that of humans? What if the machine wasn’t benevolent? Is Stephen Hawking right to expect the end of the human race because people won’t be able to compete with advanced AI?

Are there any right or wrong answers to these questions? I think not. As long as we keep asking questions and consciously progress and embrace this fast pace of change, we will be fine. Nobody really has the answers but we’ll figure them out together. After all, isn’t technology collaborative by nature? Individuals with diverse skills and experiences get together to find a solution to a problem – sounds pretty collaborative to me.

What better way to experience this fast-paced industry than to be a part of it?




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