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ArabNet , Apr 11 2018

ArabNet is rolling up its sleeves for the upcoming Digital Summit taking place in Dubai on April 30-May 1. 

This year, the 2-day conference will include 5 forums during which subjects related to media and marketing, ecommerce, real estate, financial technology, big data, digital business transformation, and many others will be explored. 

To introduce the different forums, we have decided to produce a series of forum-focused articles, with our first article featuring the Money Forum.


In the MENA region, fintech startups have raised over $100M in funding over the past decade, and over $24M in 2017 alone, a 13% increase on the $18M in disclosed investments in 2016. Moreover, the number of fintech startups in MENA has grown exponentially, increasing by 39% annually since 2010, and by around 40% since last year. 

According to in-depth research conducted by ArabNet, there are currently at least 80 fintech startups in the region, many of which have received millions of dollars in funding, such as PayTabs, TreasuryXpress, Beehive, HyperPay, Liwwa, YallaCompare, Now Money, and more.  In addition to these deals, the region has also witnessed major acquisitions in the fintech space, such as TPay’s acquisition of DCBEgypt, its competitor and the second largest direct carrier billing service provider in Egypt. 

Going forward, the MENA region is anticipated to experience a new era of fast growth. Fintech funding has been rapidly gaining traction in the past five years, reflecting investors’ rising interest in fintech opportunities in MENA as well as supporting the proliferation of new fintech startups with the number expected to reach 252 by 2020.

This year’s Money Forum at the Digital Summit, powered by Next Money DXB, will explore the trends and opportunities in financial technology, banking, and transactional businesses. It will also dive into the transformations created by artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, and the practical opportunities available for banks and financial services providers. To attend the Money forum, register for ArabNet’s Digital Summit here. 

What will be discussed?

  • International Trends in Fintech
  • Blockchain: Practical Implications for Financial Services
  • Shaping Fintech Regulations and Lessons from Sandboxes
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robo-advisors in Financial Services
  • The Bank of the Future

Meet the Fintech Titans:




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