This App Places the Yummiest Dishes in the Arab Region at Your Fingertips

Lara Chaaya, Sep 02 2013

If you are the type of person who loves to indulge in savoring dishes, but prefer that someone else takes the first bite, then Feeditch is the app for you! Unlike other F&B apps, Feeditch not only diverts you to the right restaurant, but also provides you with a wealth of information to choose the dish that best matches your tastes. What’s even more exciting, the app is fully “Arabized.”

As we sat with Alia Khatib, Feeditch’s founder, she explained that the idea first dawned on her while she was working in Dubai. “Dubai has a great variety of cuisines—Iranian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Chinese, you name it. So it’s nice to try them out, but you won’t take the risk to invite your friends and family to the place unless you’ve tried it before or a friend recommended it.”

At that time, there weren’t enough restaurant reviews in Dubai. So, an F&B app seemed like a perfect solution. Alia observed the market more closely, and she realized that the users, especially the Arabs, were not into long reviews or posting long reviews either; and those who did, usually did so in Arabic.

As time passed, the market became thick with competition. F&B apps popped like popcorn, and Alia had to find a way to differentiate Feeditch. The answer was simple: make the app in Arabic, make it simple, and make it user-friendly!

Zooming In on Feeditch

Feeditch is essentially a social F&B photo-sharing platform that relies heavily on crowdvoting.   “It’s the easiest way to post and recommend a dish, especially that Instagram initiated the widespread photo-sharing trend,” explained Alia.

Contrary to Instagram, Feeditch is more about “cautious-foodies,” as Alia puts it. “It’s for vegetarian people, or people wanting organic food, or gluten-free meals. It’s for those people who like sushi, but not any kind of sushi.”

The app is basically simple to use. You can tag the photo based on cuisine, food type, and price. “It’s not like Tripadvisor, where you have different tags. I want it simple. So you get to tag the price as ‘good’ or ‘overpriced.’”

When you open the app, you will be confronted with a delightful array of mouth-watering dishes. You can go to “Nearby Places” to view what dishes are recommended in nearby restaurants. By clicking on a photo, you get more details about the dish and see how many people recommend it. Furthermore, you can select to follow people with like-minded food tastes.

Because Feeditch is powered by Foursquare, users can use it wherever they go around the world. If you create a post, the app automatically creates a venue page that displays a map, how many people checked into that restaurant via Foursquare, and the phone number of the restaurant, if it is available on Foursquare. You don’t even have to have Foursquare to have access to this info. In this way, you can see all the recommended dishes from a particular restaurant; you don’t have to ask the waiter anymore.

More about Feeditch

The app was released last June, and so far its popularity is increasing exponentially. Once Feeditch gains enough traction, it will become a “deals feed.” Deals exclusive to Feeditch will be displayed on the app. “I am planning to have deals in the top 5 MENA countries to be activated by next May,” says Alia.

“For restaurants, these deals will be self-served ads, just like Facebook ads. The restaurant can log into the app and post the deal. The user will receive a bookmark of all nearby deals.”

Crowd-sourcing is especially insightful to restaurants, and Alia hopes to create an online marketing portal for restaurants that will provide them with reliable user data.

Feeditch young founder wants to gain advantage of being the first-mover in the Arabic F&B online space. In the coming few weeks, the English version of the app will be released. She is looking forward to have food bloggers and venue managers on board to vouch for her app and contribute in her mission to improve the Arabic online content. 


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