A Glance into Generation Z with Rogier Croes – ArabNet Digital Summit 2016

ArabNet Team, May 03 2016

For digital marketers, millennials (and their purchasing power) remain the priority demographic. In broad strokes, this means creating tailored messages focused on content marketing and delivered through social media channels or, more recently mobile platforms.

As technology and digital interfaces have evolved, so have their users. Already focus is shifting from Generation Y “millennials” to the younger, so-called Generation Z, also known as Gen Z, Gen Net, iGeneration, etc.

It doesn’t matter what you call them, the fact remains that new consumers of digital media (and the ways they consume media) are constantly changing, and therefore changing the ways advertising targets them. The other reality is that young consumers represent lucrative opportunities for brands – Women’s Wear Daily calls them “the next big retail disrupter.”

 With over 18 years of digital media and advertising under his belt, Rogier Croes, is a future thinker with a passion for exploring the exponential growth of new technologies and how new trends will impact our world.

As Chief Digital Officer in the CEE region, Russia, Ukraine and the CIS region at MEC, Croes will be among the key speakers at the ArabNet Digital Summit 2016 to talk about the implications of Generation Z for the digital economy.

While we wait for the summit, we managed to pick Croes’ mind and find out a little more about the digital advertising trends he will discuss:

1. Can you please expand on how MEC Global does things differently and why?

We want to be a true business partner for our clients, in which we not only join the media and communication conversation, but speak about all aspects impacting our clients business. In order to do this data is in the core of all our conversations. MEC works in a consistent way around the globe, and being able to deliver on that promise, is one of our big differentiators. As we are in the people business at the end of the day, having the right talent in the right places is another key priority for us.

2. Can you highlight the similarities and differences on consumer behavior in the MENA to elsewhere based on your experience?

Not sure about very specific differences with MENA consumers, but the consumer is definitely changing everywhere. In my keynote, I will speak about the impact, generation Z will have on your business. In order for brands to connect with this audience, you need to develop strong, engaging content and deliver this at exactly the right moment. This is why MEC launched Wavemaker recently, our new content proposition. MEC Dubai has already been very successful in this area, and personally I think this is one of the reasons they became agency of the year.

3. In your opinion, what are 3 key digital marketing trends we should expect to see?

Actionable data – Everybody talks about data to clients, but who can actually convert all this data into strong, actionable recommendations, which impact business results

Content before media – I touched on Wavemaker before, but we believe this is a crucial direction. Media should be used to amplify great ideas and bring the right content, to the right people at the right time. Many things are changing in the media landscape, but this rule is still the same.

Technology which changes our life – I love technology and try to explore any new technologies coming to the market. Next to that I am a bit of a Kickstarter junkie and support other peoples ideas. It inspires me a lot, but it also gives me perspective on hoe the world around us is changing faster than ever and how all this technology will impact our lives.

4. What are 3 main consumer behavior changes you have been witnessing and how does it directly affect brands?

I will talk about this in my keynote. Many people in this region have more than 2 smartphones and VOD consumption is one of the highest in the world. Next to that this region is known for it’s entrepreneurial spirit and tech savvy audience. This gives so much opportunity for brands, but they need to adapt, while the consumer will not adapt to them! Consumers want to feel an emotional connection with brands and do not like closed environments and close systems.

Meet Rogier Croes and additional experts at ArabNet Digital Summit - Dubai, May 30-31, 2016

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