Grab a Free Ticket From Alghanim Industries!

ArabNet Team, Sep 28 2016

Alghanim Industries is giving away 100 FREE tickets to ArabNet Kuwait taking place next week.

With the support of Kuwait’s Ministry of Youth, Alghanim Industries are supporting around 100 students and youth to clout their innovation ability by offering scholarships to attend the ArabNet conference.  

Alghanim Industries is renowned for continuously supporting education and encouraging entrepreneurship in Kuwait. In pursuance of shaping Kuwait’s economy, Alghanim Industries value startups and entrepreneurs to play a big role in its ecosystem. They have been sponsoring Startup Weekend in Kuwait for the past 4 years, and will also be sponsoring ArabNet Kuwait.

Want to be one of the lucky people to receive a free ticket to ArabNet Kuwait? Fill up this form before October 3rd

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