Hot Topics at the ArabNet Digital Summit

Rita Makhoul, May 24 2016

Another ArabNet Digital Summit is upon us, taking place at Madinat Jumeirah in Dubai on May 30th and 31st.  People from all across the digital spectrum will gather under one roof to partake in the premiere conference for digital business in the Middle East.

Whatever your role is in the digital world, whether you are an entrepreneur, a venture capitalist, a media executive, there’s no better place to gain knowledge and insights than attending the ArabNet Digital Summit.

Below are just some of the hot topics that will be covered:

Native Advertising
As the amount of online advertising has proliferated, customers have become increasingly blind to banners, and usage of ad blockers is on the rise, growing 48% year on year. Native advertising provides advertisers the opportunity to engage consumers through ads that look and sound like the content it is embedded in.  This panel will explore how native advertising works, how it is being utilized in the region and the opportunities for publishers, agencies and brands.

Connected Consumers; IoT and Wearables
It’s projected that there is today over 10B connected devices, projected to grow to 50B by 2020. While Enterprises and Governments are proactively investing in wearables and connected devices, consumers are slower to adopt. Yet consumer IoT is an integral data collection point and reach medium. This panel discusses what new technologies are being developed to engage with and improve the quality of life for citizens and trends that are emerging in the sector that maybe change consumer adoption soon!

Smart Cites
The Smart City market is valued to be at $1.5 trillion by 2020. Outside the US, Dubai and China have already announced their plans to incorporate driverless cars, while smart power grids and open data are on public agendas worldwide. This panels hosts leaders of Smart Cities to talk about the blocks that bring this vision together and the near horizons that they see emerging in the near future.

Open Data Economy
IBM estimates that we produce over 2.5 exabytes of data every day. The potential of this data is the relationships it can reveal: measuring, analyzing and understanding the interactions that users and machines have across multiple touch points every day. It’s also estimated that Open data can directly increase the GDP of a city by 1-4% (relevant to level of implementation). This panel looks at the power of Open Data, implications on enterprises and government operations alike, and projected opportunities.

500 Startups
For the second year in a row, ArabNet is collaborating with 500 Startups to bring Silicon Valley expertise to MENA entrepreneurs. The One Day Accelerator will host world-class investors and entrepreneurs in a full track dedicated to helping startups grow their businesses through workshops on negotiating legal terms, improving their PR reach, honing their pitch and raising funds. ArabNet will also host global VCs and regional corporate investors on the main stage to discuss the latest trends and opportunities in this space.

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