How to Make the Most Out of ArabNet Digital Summit 2018

ArabNet Team, Apr 27 2018

 ArabNet Digital Summit is a two day conference and high-scale event where professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and leaders of the digital and tech industry network and catch up on the hottest trends.

This year’s Summit features a rich agenda composed of 5 forums, the TechFair, the Digital Showcase, and diverse panels on the latest innovations in the digital and tech landscape.

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned professional, here are a few tips on how to make the most out of the largest digital event of the year.

 1. Know Who Is Attending

Whether you are participating in the event to consolidate existing relationships or meet new people, it would be wise to know who is attending beforehand. Speakers, sponsors, partners, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and developers who will be joining us at the Summit are already on our website. Make sure to stay up-to-date with the list and jot down the names of people you would like to talk to.

 2. Orient Yourself

In order to be efficient and not walk in late on an important session, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the conference space and halls before heading to the event, so come in a little early to get a sense of the space.

 3. Be Active on Social Media

Join other attendees and tweet during and between sessions using the hashtags #DigitalSummit2018 and #ArabNetDigitalSummit. Increasing your visibility on the different social media platforms is an excellent way to virtually connect with like-minded people, whom you can also choose to approach face-to-face at the event.

 4. Catch the pitches

Don’t miss the 18 startups from Beirut, Kuwait, Riyadh, Cairo, Casablanca, and Dubai that will be pitching their business model to a panel of judges and a large audience of investors, entrepreneurs, leaders, etc. The winner of the championship will receive a $20,000 check, an acceleration scholarship in Silicon Valley, as well as other in-kind prizes from partners.

 5. Attend the Exhibitions

Aside from the TechFair, the Digital Showcase is a great opportunity for young companies, that already have structured product offerings and good market traction, to build relationships with big clients and strategic partners in Dubai.

 6. Share Your Experience

The insights you gained at the conference are likely to be useful for your team or colleagues, so make sure to set aside time to pass on what you’ve learned through an in-person session, email or post.


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