How to Network like a Pro at ArabNet Beirut

ArabNet Team, Feb 16 2017

It’s that time of the year again, ArabNet Beirut is only a few days away! Here are 5 tips that will help you make the most out of networking before, during, and after the event.

 1. Be Prepared
Explore the agenda to get an overview of the different tracks and panels being offered this year, who the keynote speakers are, and pinpoint those you don’t want to miss out on. Set a goal for what you would like to learn and use the agenda to devise a plan specifically tailored to that goal. If there are specific attendees, exhibitors or speakers you hope to meet and talk to, take some time to learn more about them beforehand.

 2. Stay Organized
It’s easy to get overwhelmed with notes, business cards, and information booklets, so develop a method of information gathering that will be easy to unpack once you get home: write down memorable parts of each session, key takeaway, names of attendees and speakers you networked with and contact information you can use to follow up.

 3. Know your Networking Opportunities
ArabNet events provide you with several opportunities to network, here are some of them:

Download our Mobile App
Our mobile app (available on Android and Apple), is designed to help you network with other attendees both before and during the event via the in-app messaging service. The app also includes a list of all the speakers and the agenda, so you can identify in advance the speakers you want to meet and when they will be speaking.

Speed Networking
Speed Networking is an exciting activity where you can meet with other people – in a face to face setting – one at a time for a 3 minute interval and then move on to the next person in line. Not only will you be able to quickly touch base with entrepreneurs, investors, partners and suppliers, but it is also the ultimate platform for networking and an excellent ice-breaker.

The TechFair
The TechFair is the accompanying exhibition for all ArabNet conferences. It features leading digital companies and young digital enterprises from MENA, Europe, the US, and emerging markets. Conference participants have the chance to connect with the exhibitors and discover their latest services, applications and technologies.

4. Listen and Ask Questions
Introduce yourself, make eye contact and pay close attention to what the other person is saying to find out if there is any common ground. Don’t rush and don’t expect every conversation to be rewarding. Building connections takes time and effort, keep breaking the ice until you find someone that sparks your interest.

5. Follow up
After spending time networking both online and offline, you’ll probably have accumulated a good number of contacts. Take the time to send your new connections a friendly email and add them to your social networks. To establish meaningful relations, limit yourself to 5 to 10 strategic relationships, and make sure you keep in touch and interact with them on a regular basis.



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