Where to Find the Perfect Candidate for a Job? [Infographic]

Ahmed Zidan, Jan 18 2013

Today we bring you a new infographic that sheds light on recruitment in the Arab world.

45% of applicants discover the vacancy online, while 29% come across them on ad banners on websites.

Online recruitment sites have contributed a quarter of the current workforce.

Only 5% of "high quality candidates" apply through social networks!

Around 30% find jobs through agencies before resorting to the web, whereas traditional channels like newspapers and job fairs has only contributed 1% of the workforce compared to digital mediums.

ArabNet has in place a long term partnership with DDArabia, whereby we publish colourful infographics about the entrepreneurship and digital sectors in the MENA region.

Check out the following inforgraphic for some exciting numbers and stats!

Hiring Solutions Company has conducted this study on 1.1 million job applications, which resulted in 6,193 hires.


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